Thursday, October 01, 2009


Hey two posts in a row & I got a "thingy" to work. (Does this count as a first post?) Ihope to do something "quilty" everyday in October & post it here - even on the weekends & holidays.

Wish me luck.

I will of course be posting random drivel as well. Like the soup that I plan on cooking on Saturday - I am so excited!

Which reminds me:

Do you cook the same things over & over?

When does a recipe that you tried become one that you cook more than once?

Are you a plain or fancy cook?

Do you collect recipes?

How often do you try out a recipe that you clipped?

No this is not going to become a cooking blog, but cooking has been on my mind & I am no longer substituting cooking with watching cookery shows, but I may have substituted collecting recipes.

With that said, I tried a beef barley soup recipe last night that was good - especially the way it played nicely with my leftover beef brisket! (The recipe was very close to the one on the Quaker quick cooking barley box. But I also saw it on a blog. Mine was somewhere in the middle.)


martha said...

I am a medium fancy cook but i do cook the same things over and over: shepard's pie, chili, lemon bars, creme brulee....hmm maybe I am an ordinary comfort food kind of cook. I do try new recipes--recently i did one from the skinny chef involving sautéed apples and onions with balsamic vinegar on french bread toasted with parmesan shaving. o yes it was good.I used the crock pot often in the cold weather for soups-cauliflower and corn chowder was a recent one,and i love goulash!

Mama Koch said...

I cook the main dishes over and over, but I'm the picky eater in the family. I will try new dessert dishes, but I'm not one who likes a lot of different or spicey things....yes, I'm bland.

I don't like fall or cold weather but I'm ready to get my crock pot out and make some soups...plain soups!

Diana said...

I clip a lot of recipes that go into a box I keep in my kitchen. When I feel like I'm in a rut, I'll go through the clippings and look for something different. I also use the "recipe box" on and save recipes that look good to me. If we like the way the new one turns out, it usually becomes part of the rotation.

Quiltluver said...

I think Mama Koch could be my twin sister when it comes to cooking because everything she said is me! I do have one good dish that I make well, and that is pasties. My mother was raised by her Finnish grandmother in Michigan's upper peninsula, where pasties were a mainstay of the miners. I just made them last weekend. They were great, and I now have lots of frozen ones to toss in the oven so I don't have to cook.

Jessica said...

i tend to make the same things over and over, sometimes getting in a weekly pattern (it's thursday, spinach-rice again!). after having a certain recipe 2-3 weeks in a row we usually get tired of it and toss it out of rotation until we remember it again in a couple of weeks and then it's "new" again. usually by then i've forgotten exactly how to make it so it's trial and error for a bit, but that's ok, Costas will eat anything.
I clip dessert recipes, or print them out from blogs. for meals I like to borrow from the family-- grama's red potato salad, MIL's chicken & prunes. I like making greek dishes the way my mother in law makes them (instead of from the greek cookbook) because Costas likes it. Well, i should say I do that sometimes-- this summer she made fasolakia but used a bag mix instead of doing it from scratch and Costas said he liked mine better, hehe.

our current rotation includes:
-Spanakorizo (spinach and rice in a pot)
-pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes
-chicken breasts with sauteed peppers
-salmon steaks with asparagus
-steaks on the grill

yeah, i think that's been the routine for a while. soon we'll get into cold weather foods and I'll start making lentil soup once a week.
I'd say i'm definitely not a fancy cook, but costas is. I basically saute or bake everything in olive oil & lemon juice..
i'd love to do a recipe swap if you're up for it..

Libby said...

I'd say I fall somewhere in the middle. When it comes to meal prep, I like to keep it pretty simple and rely on a regular rotation of family favorites - with the occasional newby thrown in for fun. Sometimes those become favorites, too.
When it comes to baking, I like to stretch my wings and try new and fancy things.
I don't care to follow a recipe when it comes to meal prep - which is probably why I rely on the familiar favorites. For baking I use a recipe at all times. Oh, I'll experiment a little. But those instructions are always right at hand.

The Calico Quilter said...

I am a fairly plain (but adventurous) cook with a medium repertoire. Always looking for new recipes but seldom as happy with them as with the old faithfuls. Dont' like a lot of seasoning or salt and can't eat spicy stuff. Boy, that sounded boring!

Sweet P said...

I'm a little bit of everything cook. I have a few simple stand-by meals. Grilled steak, potatoes and salad is one of those meals.

I will try "fancy" recipes, if they don't require exotic ingredients or fancy cookware. If the recipe turns out well, I will make it more than once.

I try to plan the menu once a week. With a varied work schedule and a DH who travels 100,000 miles a year, meal planning is a must for me.