Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I did something quilty

but I have nothing to show for it...

I took care of two pieces of obligation sewing & pulled the fabric for the third one.

I also pulled my "new" (I bought them a long time ago, but haven't used them so they are still technically "new" in my warped brain & some of those are only "new to me" because I swooned over them when I saw other people photos a long time ago.) novelty prints to finally cut into them. GEESH, it has been a while since I made a decision to do that. (I only pulled them, never quite got to the cutting part.) I also pulled some of novelties that I am hoarding & I will cut 10.5 inch squares to show off a generous amount of them on a scrappy back for my "Mommy I Spy" quilt. Where else can you use a novelty print of a Tiffany lamp? & That way I can use all of my "Pretties." (I never got around to cutting those either.)

Since I don't really look at blogs on the weekend (barely any computering at all) & did not look yesterday, I missed out on two sales. I guess that is a good thing because that money is still in my pocket!?!? (I still wanna buy what I saw on sale.)

On the weekend, we took my boy for some clothes shopping, but to make it special, we took the last operating ferry on the Potomac to Leesburg, Va. to the outlets. Jacob needed some long sleeved onesies. :o) May he never grow out of onesies. :o)

Last night he pulled off his socks (to tease me with those cute toes) & boy were they fun to chew on! He also helped himself to my bread pudding. No lack of an appetite on that little guy!

Back to the blogs to see what else I missed out on...

Oh, & I've decided that I don't care for crock-potted vegetables (Unless they are in a soup or stew) but the crock-potted beef turned out nice!

1 chunk of beef (I used brisket - great deal at Trader Joe's)
a bit of oil
1 packet of onion soup mix
3/4 cup of water
(Carrots, onion, potatoes - if you like them crock-potted)

brown the beef on all sides (I oiled my pan to help with this)
place the beef (on the vegetables - I will have to figure out another way to keep the meat out of the liquid - maybe foil balls)
mix the soup in the water
pour over the beef
cover & cook on low for 6 hours.

Go out for breakfast with a friend, run some errands, return home & waft the lovely aromas. In the future, I will boil my carrots & potatoes - I like them better that way.


paula, the quilter said...

I think I probably have that same "Tiffany" lamp fabric and have been unsure of how to use it. I have always felt it would look great with black.

cindyquiltsOR said...

As for the crock pot: look for a small wire trivet. I have one that came with a long ago gone steamer.