Saturday, September 05, 2009

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Yes that is "the" cat toy in the nest. (I use the term "the" loosely as we have several of those cat toys.) I did not see him "put" the toy in the nest, but then again, I did not see him put the birdy in the nest.

That toy is a good one, he started playing with the opposite side - feeling & gumming the leaves. He then looked in the mirror, then he figured out how to pull off the birdies - now he puts the birds in the nest & has started to play with the fish.

I mailed the last of the kittens today, sorry for the delay but packaging & making it to the post office just wasn't in the cards earlier. In all I mailed about 12 kittens out - boy was that a big litter!

Thanks to those who sent checks to cover the postage.

We are going to the state fair tomorrow, so keep your eyes open for some new quit photos!

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Finn said...

Not only adorable, but smart too! A winning combination. He's such a cutie!
As you know, my kitten has arrived and is being fussed over. Even Ebby get into the "act" to see what it is and how it smells. She's weird, she will smell my shoes when I come home from somewhere. And if I've been near another pet she checks out my hands, arms and pants legs...LOL
I think she needs to get a life! Hugs, Finn