Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When should I worry that my son's favorite toy is a cat toy?

He was too busy to look up at his mommy. :o(
The repairman never came. :o( The condo association has to make the repair, so I don't have to pay with $$, he will let himself in to do the repair today - I hope.
I actually was off yesterday to take my cat to the vet for Kitty dentistry. He is the one who likes to play with those sparkly balls. When he got home, he carried those balls around for at least an hour. When I woke up, it looked like he brought every sparkly ball into the bedroom.

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Carin said...

We had a cat that after she played with the balls would stack them neatly next to her food bowl, cat with OCD?

I think that the only thing that would worry me is if the cat decided that he/she didn't like the baby playing with its ball.