Monday, August 03, 2009

Quilt Odyssey

Yes, in addition to running down to baltimore for "the day", we went to Hershey for "the day" this past weekend too. (& I'm glad we did. Both.) First off, Nancy was there while I was in Baltimore, but she posted a few photos, so I figure that will direct you to them.
Nancy's photosare here.

My favorite:
DSC08385.JPG I liked everything about it.
Take a look at these two close-ups:
even closer:
DSC08390.JPG The quilting...
I also really liked this one, although I never would have been on board with the concept. Maybe it is the background fabric, I have some or at least mine is very similar. This one I could have studies for hours. (I like the differently sized blocks too.)
a close-up:
Before I show the next one I have to admit that after being in a BAQ class, I am a bit jaded when i look at Baltimore Album Quilts. This one was a stunner!
DSC08383.JPG The birds & butterflies added to the blocks... The quilting!
DSC08384.JPG The swag border...
More tomorrow.

P.S. Quiltluvr - I love that halloween cat quilt, but I cannot comment on your blog & I can't reply to your e-mail. Thanks for sharing the pattern source.


Carin said...

Those quilts are breathtaking!

The Calico Quilter said...

Wowza. Especially the first and third quilt. The first one took my breath away.

Quiltluver said...

Wow, that quilting is awesome. Karen