Wednesday, August 26, 2009

kittens (The fabric kind & the human kind) Advice needed

My kittens all have homes.

If you wanted a kitten & did not hear from me - please let me know I am running on about 1/4 of a tank, but the litter was big enough to accomodate everyone - even if my postage piggy bank is BROKE (If you want to repay the postage that would be lovely, but that was not a stipulation...). the cherry coke zero is starting to infuse some energy, but not enough.

I have mailed a few - please be a dear & let me know when they arrive. the last ones will go out on Saturday.

The calico kitten is doing wonderfully & we will be trying to get him to self feed soon. he can get the teething biscuit to his mouth, hopefully "Puffs" will work too - & then I will not feel like a big dummy when I set diced fruites & veggies trying to entice him to do more that pick them up & drop them on the floor. What first foods did you use?

Another calico kitten question - pampers or huggies - or something else? Yes, Jacob had his first Diaper rash & with our "wicking" cloth diapers, we could not use rash ointment - it would impede with the absorbency (& what exactly is the point of a diaper that is not absorbent)... So we have been using pampers - he came home from the hospital in them & traveled to Oregon in them, so that is what we bought... (We are trying out huggies right now...) I know that is a "personal" question, but I'd love some advice.


Carin said...

I always used Huggies, they were a bit cheaper but worked as well. I NEVER bought Luvs or the store brands as they gave the kids diaper rash.

Good luck!

Linda said...

I always used pampers when I didn't use cloth. It saved my daughter from a horrendous burn below the diaper line--that diaper sucked up that hot coffee and held it away from her skin!

Diaper rash--try bathing in a concentrate of tea in the kitchen sink. I used to put about 6 tea bags in an ice cream bucket, fill with boiling water and let it sit. When it finally cooled off, I'd put it in the sink and add warm water and plunk the sore butt in. Worked really well. Another trick is to use egg whites. Beat up and egg white and dump it into the diaper and leave it as long as you can. Cleans up the rash like nobody's business.
Lurking Lidna

Martha said...

I always used Pampers and that was 30 years ago last week. Can't believe my son is soooo old. Can't for the life of me remember what I used for diaper rash but it was great!! Maybe I'll remember by your next post.

Anonymous said...

We tried Walmart brand, target brand, Pampers, and settled on Huggies. My littlest had diaper rash with the first 3 but did very well with the Huggies-love them!
As far as diaper rash goes, Alittle A&D oinment goes a long way and controls the diaper rash (also does NOT burn so it easy to put on a squirming little one)I think the cloth diaper would be OK if you used a little, and the Huggies do fine with absorbing!

*karendianne. said...

Lets see, first foods. Well, carrots for the pups. They make for safe fun teeth treats and not one has complained over the years. As for the pampers or huggies, well, fortunately we've been fortunate enough to go butt naked all their lives and no one mentions a think. You think it's the hair?

...oh wait. You weren't asking me. You wanted a REAL Mom. I just pretend. Oh, so rude of me!

Confusion sets in early dontcha know!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Diaper rash - A & D ointment works great.

Pampers or Huggies - 31 years ago it was Pampers.

Now - can't tell you.

Remember to breathe - you can't help the calico kitten if you forget to take care of yourself!

Diana said...

I used the Target store brand because they were cheaper but seemed to work as well as Pampers. For the diaper rash she got once in a while, I would just let her sit in a tub of warm water each evening for a few minutes and then let her crawl or toddle around diaperless for a while before bed. The open air exposure seemed to do her a lot of good. Of course this can be messy, but I was cleaning constantly at that point anyway!

As for first foods, I was really, really careful because so many of my relatives have food allergies. It seems like we started off with Cheerios and fist-sized pieces of stale bread. After they drool on those for a while they are sufficiently softened up to be pretty easy to eat.

Marisa said...

Ah, the rash...for us it didn't matter what kind of disposal diapers, the rash would come for our first baby. We got around it by keeping the area really dry. Frequenty changes, and (I kid you not here) a nice good blow dry with a hair blow drier set on the cold setting. Beware of possible squirts at you from the baby. It really helped us a lot and cleared it up in a couple of days. Only works if you keep him home, since taking one around w/ you is pretty painful. Good luck!

Unknown said...

FOOD: We started with anything 'sweet' ... sweet potatoes, carrots, apples.

DIAPERS: My great g'daughter wears Pampers. We are getting close to potty training so I think pull-ups are next. (She slept overnight and was dry, then told me when she needed it changed. I am ready!)

RASH: My doc had us use a mixture of cortisone creme and monistat creme. She said a lot of kids get a yeast like rash, especially when teething. (50/50). Our pharmacist actually would mix it for us.

Jody Sanders said...

first foods ... River started with cereal, little bits of bread, etc. Today he had a grilled cheese quesadilla for lunch. Pretty much whatever we're eating I put on his tray for him.

Right now we're using Huggies diapers because I found a good deal on them. I have had good luck with Target brand diapers also.

Laura in IA said...

Pampers for the kids and now the grands. Tried others always came back. Rashes usually accompanied teething or illnesses. Desitin worked well.

Ruth's Place said...

You know we cloth diaper, but when we have to use disposibles we use Pampers. Huggies had some (ahem) leakage issues, and some of the local brands produced such a bad rash that we gave the rest of the packet away.

hetty said...

The first finger foods I fed my kids were cooked peas and carrots. I never used baby foods, but always fed them whatever we were having. Anything they could handle themselves went into their bowls and everything else went into the blender first. It's been a long time, but I think only Pampers were available back then. I usually used cloth diapers at home.

Jessica said...

how did it go with the puffs? no video yet? :)

We use Huggies because they used to send coupons in the mail every month. I haven't had a leakage problem in a few months (the last leak was when we used Pampers in Greece, hmph), but i guess that's because he's older?
for diaper rash prevention we were patting him dry and using vaseline after every diaper change. Works great at the first signs of rash too, usually clears things up quickly. For more severe rashes we used Desitin Creamy (with Zinc oxide) and Balmex Clear.

I love the advice of letting them go diaperless for a while-- this never happens without an accidental shower, hehe.

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

wow Amy Thank You for the surprise box! It was very full and a lovely surprise to come home to after a stressful week@work.
I used to like the fit of huggies (alot has changed though, since then) better and used Balmex. My son had very sensitive skin so i used it after every change. Do not use cortisone- it burns and eggs could cause allergic reaction. not to mention bacterial/salmonella issues
The hair dryer and naked tush are helpful.

SewCalGal said...

First, I want to emphasize how much I enjoy reading your blog. Such fun.

Your topic on diapers reminds me of many years ago, while in College, I belonged to a public speaking group. One lady gave a delightful presentation, which focused on sharing insights on when one knows that there child is ready to stop using diapers. She shared insights, something to the effect, that two toddlers were comparing insights on which brand of diapers they wore. She clicked and realized if they were that aware of what is going on, they were certainly mature enough to not wear diapers. It was a delightful your posting.