Monday, August 31, 2009

cat charm quilt

cat charm quilt
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Some of the blocks from before the quilt became a quilt. (Do you see the fishies on the orange - clever, huh?)

The baby is fine, the doctor is not worries about the rash. It is only on his tummy which rules out a lot of things like a reaction to the flu shot & food allergies.
I just have to apply cortizone & it should clear up on its own.

Back before blogging & before quilting as a matter of fact, I had an elective lumpectomy. I had found a lump while shaving. It was tested and determined to be "nothing." (According to my cousin, we are "lumpy.") Call is a personality flaw, but I could not live with it. & I knew that id I had "lived with it" that I would have become complacent about any others... So I had it removed - So I am predisposed to be a "take the baby to the doctor" type of mother.
(I am not willing to admit that I am a hypochondriac though.)


Chocolate Cat said...

Never feel bad for taking that gorgeous boy to a doctor and getting something checked. I always went by the thing that I'd rather have a doctor tell me there was nothing wrong and I was overreacting 100 times than perhaps not take them and there be something wrong. They are precious and irreplaceable.

The Calico Quilter said...

Glad that the boy is OK, and as far as taking him to the doc too much, there's no such thing if it gives you peace of mind.

As for your past doctor trip - the thought of a lumpectomy is so scary; you were right to see about anything out of the ordinary right away. And, cystic tissue is nerve-wracking to deal with - I'm amongh the "lumpy" too. Haven't had a biopsy or surgery yet to rule out problems (have had an ultrasound, though - talk about scary when they tell you that they're "sending you down the hall for some more tests, just to be sure").

hetty said...

We are so lucky to live in a time when so much is known about early detection of diseases. A lump is definitely something to check out. So is a rash. You are not a hypochondriac, just a caring Mom.

julieQ said...

I agree, never feel bad about caring for that baby. I am glad it is nothing serious. Wonderful scrappy quilts you have been making lately!

Shasta said...

I'm glad your son is okay. I took my daughter to the doctor pretty frequently when she was very young, and then I learned what was "doctor worthy" as I got more experience. I think that any symptoms that follow an immunization shot should be looked into, and I definitely would take her in for that, even now.

Susan said...

Good advice above--that's why we have doctors so we can take our little precious ones and get piece of mind and heart. Love the orange quilt BTW.

Kay said...

It's never bad to take the baby to the doctor, IMHO. After all, you never know.