Monday, July 27, 2009

Kitties on the back of my quilt.

Kitties on the back of my quilt.
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So I had this piece of fabric (That I got darn cheap at a quilter's yard sale!) that was a border print with the kitties only on the two selvages. I had no idea how to use this mostly floral fabric.

You know how to piece a back you occasionally cut a piece of fabric in half and seam up the selvage? That is what I did, only I cut the one of those two pieces in half and seamed up two sides keeping the most number of kitties possible for my quit!

Officially the only thing that my back has in common with the top is the purple in the flowers, but you know what - after I hand sew the bindings down it will be DONE!

Quilted by Kristie at & I love it! (Blogging from flickr, so no hyperlink...)

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