Monday, July 20, 2009

Charley Harper

Am I the only one that just fell onto the Charley Harper bandwagon - or off as the case may be?

I first heard about him at Sisters when I saw this quilt:
Children's book author/illustrator
Children's book author illustrator
& Since I don't read the placcards, I thought it was a child's name since it is about a nap sized quilt.
I am not sure where/when I made the connection that Charley Harper is an artist.
But now that I know, I like that quilt even more & want to get his children's books for my son.
Coincidentally, I saw those books and a few others at Powell's books... But alas, they did not make it into my cart.

Any other Charley Harper fans out there?

BTW I wrote this post after seeing this post.


Andi said...

He's new to me, too! I'll have to suggest those titles to the Grandmas since I've already got Kendra's birthday presents lined up. She turns 3 in a few weeks - amazing!!

Libby said...

Never before heard of him . . . . but now I know I must add his ABC book to my collection *s*

Anika said...

l o v e the quilt!

Just an FYI there's a great book on all of Charley's work at and a less expensive edition coming this Fall

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I love love love CH
everything! I've been thinking of getting a print for my husband for Xmas.
CH's family has a web site and do editions.