Friday, June 05, 2009

what to do, what to do

Well earlier this week I had a meeting where I was only there to answer "technical" questions. Which in essence means that I was there to listed ot a few hours worth of "jargon." (My work is scientific & requires peer review.) I did not have to pay attention, I just needed to be there in case there were any questions.
So I made a list or two...
1. Based on the quilt in the magazine
a. scrappy using civil war with shirtings
b. black on whites with brights
c. black on white with 1 color
d. taupe light & dark
2. finish sewing black & white with yellow blocks, cut squares for the back, piece the back blocks
3. Piece the Kaffe quilt
4. Liberty & shott cotton 9-patches (?)
a. cut large squares for the back
b. cut 5 inch squares, get lavendar pressed
c. count 2.5 x 4.5 rectangles & cut more to get to 450
d. determine how many 2.5 x 5 rectangles are needed for coins quilt, then try to determine how many 2.5 inch squares are needed for the border - count how many are ready now, cut more
6. applique (by machine, maybe just top stitch) purple circles
7. mini log cabins using bright "nickel" scraps (no lt./dk.) (Magazine pattern/inspiration)
8. flock of geese, get white pressed (orange, brown, yellows)
9. Bento box, get white pressed (blue, green, brown)
10. log cabin (no lt./dk.) large blocks made from 2.5 with strips
11. "Once upon a time" (x2) get blues & yellow pressed
12. two square - blue/green (?)
13. Amy Butler bricks ("Boy" fabrics)
14. Amy Butler fabrics - what to do?
15. Tiddlywinks - what to do?
16. Spirograph flowers - what to do?
17. red & red quilt....
18. Taupe snowballs
19. Taupe card tricks
20. Taupe kit
21. Taupe BOM
22. Brown kit
23. Joel Dewberry Magazine quilt

These were off the top of my head & in current thought there are a myraid of other quilts - 2 CW UFO's, pieced cat UFO's, etc. & If I were to actually go diving into my stash/stewdio many other items would percolate to the list(s).

Off the top of your head what does your list look like?


Vicki W said...

About as long as your and doesn't include an ISpy but lots of fabric dyeing instead!

jovaliquilts said...

I am so far behind that I'm afraid to make a list...

Anonymous said...

I counted about 30, and I know I can't finish them even in 2 years. I either need to find more time to quilt or quit picking up new projects!

Debby Brown said...

my list is hovering around 75 projects. I'm afraid to dig for more.

*karendianne. said...

Believe it or not, I don't make quilty lists at all, ever. Lists are for mailing things out, cleaning or groceries. I can't handle the pressure it creates within me, my Type A personality. MS doesn't appreciate it when I get in that mode.

Lorraine said...

Oh I am impressed that you can make a list!...I wouldn't even begin would be way too long....! I am still impressed with yours btw!

Susan Tidwell said...

Too funny! Making a quilting 'to do' list at a work meeting! Talk about multi-tasking...

My mind often wanders at work, making mental 'to do' and grocery lists... So after these mental jaunts I have to go back and proofread my typing. Thankfully I have yet to find a grocery list in a patient's report!

Good luck with your list.

The Calico Quilter said...

You are so brave to even list everything! My list in constant flux but always growing. If I wanted to honest, it's about 30 quilts long. I have three quilts that are either for my husband or requested by him. I need to bump those to the head of the line, don't you think?