Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Memories for Momma (edited)

I just have to jot this down before I forget. (Like the thing that my husband said in the car - all I can remember is he guessed a singer songwriter was Eric Carle - so you know where our brains have been!) He meant to say Eric Clapton!

Two times now we have had to run in the middle of a meal to a grocery/big box store to get a jar of baby food & spoons. (I never quite got comfy with the whole nursing right out there in public concept.)

When Jacob is playing & almost suddenly stops & grunts - guess what is going on.

Both of those happened last night. :o)

Oh & we are seeing the beginings of two teeth!


Nancy said...

LOL........ wait until he runs behind a chair and grunts...... privacy becomes a whole new concept.

Oh and let's face it, Eric Carle and Sesame Street will become your entire focus for the next five years....... Eric Clapton doesn't have a chance.

Have fun!!!

dee said...

Oh that commenter is so right. It's hilarious when they try to hide because...seriously...how can you miss what's going on.
I really enjoyed your memories entry. I can relate very well. They gave me a walkman when James was a toddler so I could listen to music late at night in a very small cottage. Helped me keep what's left of my sanity.

*karendianne. said...

Teeth? Oh little teeth. Is it time already?

Kim said...

OMG but you are a busy momma! I have to agree with Patchwork Penguin, lol, been there...nice to know that you enjoy your little one and all of this, ahem, fun...every little bit of it. :o)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I completely understand and can relate, with my grandson nearly the same age as Jacob it's re-entering that "baby" mindset all over again for me.

The Calico Quilter said...

Teething? so soon? Wow, time does fly!

Didn't get the Eric Carle joke until I read Patchwork Penguin's comment. No kids in my life.