Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Hey, I was a kid of the 80's!"

What does that mean to you? What kind of memories does it conjure? (Feel free to answer from the "kid" "parent" or "grandparent" point of view.)

I over heard that quote today & it has me thinking about:
denim mini skirts (In my adult brain, they were not as short as the ones that I see now-a-days...)
keds - or the knock-offs that I had.
walkman - that is all that I wanted, I got a cr@ppy on that only played am radio & was shaped like a smurf.
Pac-Man - I rearly played, but the images were everywhere.
Aqua net hairspray - quite possibly by the case.
The Breakfast Club - my all time favorite movie.
How Wal-Mart completely changed my life forever... My mother up until WM came to town had been a stay at home mom. Then she got a job. That immediately changed her from Kathy to Joan as she had to use her first name at work. Skip the sordid details... My parents got divorced & I got to play the family-go-round...


2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I was a Punk Rocker with a huge Aqua Netted do. Remember those huge purses?
Would easily hold that Aqua Net at shows.. Oversized mens thriftstore blazers with the sleeves rolled up worn over my flash dance/madonna DIY "outfits"..
omg! the shoulder pads, a removable pair came with everythng.
Since my parents split inthe 70's. The 80's moved us off the drug street in LA to the stoner street in the OC. So much safer.
I had the best shoes from the espirit de corps catalog... oh Amy thanks for the walk down memory lane.... Now i am going to put on my iphone and listen to the music of my youth. .

*karendianne. said...

What a trip. WalMart really did move in and take over our lives. I'm going to think on this...