Thursday, May 28, 2009


My own copy (on loan from the library) of Quilts, Baby! by: Linda Kopp has arrived! :o)
I am only slightly more excited to try the 3 minute cake recipe that I got via e-mail this morning. (Susan, I am still giddy!)

Oh, it is also almost pea season at our U Pick farm, I am really excited about making farm fresh baby peas too!

BTW Blintz souffle is what we will be eating for our dairy meal. (The blintz are in the freezer...)


*karendianne. said...

Quilts, Baby!: 20 Cuddly Designs to Piece, Patch & Embroider (Paperback)


Look forward to some ideas and fun things to float to the surface!

Morah said...

Blintz souffle....YUM! Much better than needle kugel!

dee said...

An employee of mine once gave me a tray of homemade blintzes for my birthday. It was an other-worldy experience...yummm.
The picture of Jacob is just so sweet. Those cheeks!!

Greenmare said...

yum!!!! fresh peas! I can't wait, but we are a bit slow here in Wisconsin.'
oh, I mean our GROWING SEASON is a bit slow.
not that WE are slow!