Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I know I don't go until July, but...
I am ready to talk about packing.
1. we are shipping a box to the hotel.
2. we want to minimize the checked baggage.
3. carry on will consist of a whole lot of baby stuff...

So I have been making a list or 3 & checking it or them (you know where I am going with that one, right?)

Now I am wondering about food...
Do you pack a lunch/dinner or buy from the airlines if not much in the airport?
In the past I have packed un my lunch. I bring empty bottles for filling with water & everything else is disposable. (Ziploc type bags are my friends...)
Now that I have a ton of baby gear added to the mix, I am wondering if this is still a good idea...

Have you traveled by airplane with a baby? What did you bring?

Here is my carry on list:
8 diapers (1 for each hour of travel)
bag for the used diapers/wipes
wet bag for soiled clothes
2 bottles (beastfeeding as well)
formula, pre-measured
cooler bag for the bottles
burp cloths
1 book (Not 3 or 4 as my husband would prefer)
wrist rattles
flat toy - attached to links
teething rings
extra clothing
white noise - sleepy sheep
night night balm
first aide kit - infant tylenol, benadryl, teething gel
baby wrap
extra shirt for mommy & for daddy (Jacob has a knack for missing the burp cloth.)

Am I missing anything?


Libby said...

*wow* I'm glad I never had to do any airline travel with an infant . . . . I'm exhausted just reading the list *s*

jovaliquilts said...

This doesn't pertain just to airplane travel, but until the kids got too big, I always packed a full outfit (top, bottom, undies, socks) together in a ziplok bag. They compress nice and flat, and you have everything you need together. When an outfit gets wet or dirty, you just grab a bag. And you don't have to worry about day 5 of 7 when suddenly the clean clothes left really don't go together. I always kept a full spare outfit in the diaper bag.

Chocolate Cat said...

I love lists and I am already writing the list for our trip and its not until September!! Can't help you here, I have to worry about ipods and chargers, lip balm and books, all those things you worry about with teenagers!!!!

Diana said...

I'm with Libby! Wow! Not to add to your burden, but you didn't mention a car seat. We always checked ours through with the rest of the luggage.

*karendianne. said...

Yeah, you are missing something. Your head. Don't forget to attach that to your shoulders before you leave. It seems like a simple thing but really ~ its not!

Jessica said...

here's my list:

dee said...

sanity...lots of sanity.

Margaret aka Supermom said...

There is no better white noise than the airplane itself. Be careful about bringing formula that is not in a sealed bottle. Used to be ok yrs ago, don't know about now. I agree with bringing the carseat ON the plane if your son has his own seat. Plus things do get lost and that is an absolute MUST on the other end.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I would bring extra diapers in case your layover is delayed. Extra dirty diaper bags so you can dispose of them as you go. A bag for soiled bibs/clothes. Extra pacifier in case you lose one!
Cheers! Evelyn

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

On carseats - if you PAY for a ticket for your son (rather than holding him) and want him to sit in the car seat on the plane - make sure it is FAA approved and has the right stickers on it... I always paid for a ticket for my son so I could put him in the car seat, but I also traveled alone so no help from DH! Cheers! Evelyn

Shellie said...

Amy, I've done international travel with infants 3 times now and don't think I ever brought that much.
I've found that babies (at least mine) don't really care much for toys when there is so much to look at around them. If he's a pacifier baby, you'll want two, in case you lose one. I always traveled with at least two extra outfits for baby. And I'd bring at least 10 diapers. (Better to have too many of these than not enough.)
Most importantly, try to relax and pack plenty of patience and a sense of humor.