Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jacob April 2009

Jacob April 2009
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You've seen this photo before, I was playing with picnik. This is the auto corrected color. I need to apply that one more often. I keep looking at this next to the original scanned version - it is neat to see the differences.

BTW The 6 month old guy has his next well baby appointment tomorrow & gets to try carrots today since we finished his squash yesterday. I hope he continues to enjoy all of the food that we offer, because turnips & rutabegas are up next! I read in a book to start with root vegetables as they are sweet, without being fruity sweet. So far I am steaming & pureeing them by hand.

On the quilty front, I am cutting for a large I SPY - complete with a scrappy back. Kind of unfortunately, at the same time i am sorting & cutting for several other I SPY's - it is a sickness I tell ya.
here is the rundown:

1. Queen Size Stretched Star I SPY with scrappy back
2. Second twin sized Stretched star I SPY
3. Cat themed stretched star I SPY
4. Cat themed "bricks" I SPY
5. Bricks I SPY - with scrappy squares for a border. (Karen Dianne, you can quit laughing & get up off the floor now.)

Do you think I have a "thing" for I SPY's?

At the sewing machine is my black & white challenge quilt & a stretched stars charming Kaffe quilt. (Not that I have been in the mood to actually sew.)

Hand work - a block for my round robin. (That is two hints for Ms, Jan. But the glue stick probably gave away my hand work plan...)

Oh wait a minute, you did not hear about my glue stick...
I recently decided that when I "need" a glue stick & know that I have a glue stick "somewhere," that I should just go buy a new glue stick. I'm just sayin'... (I wasted far too much time thinking about searching for a actually searching for a glue stick - that will most undoubtedly be dry when/if I do find it.)


*karendianne. said...

I just love this photo of Jacob.

I've done the same thing with those darn glue sticks. The last time I was out (ages and eons ago) I bought a couple and said the heck with it because I'm wasting my life away. (okay, that's a little too dramatic but you get my drift).

You do have a sickness but since we're all along with you, I think's it safe except...

...what the Heck with the borders? I did have to pick myself up off the floor! You are so, so bad.

Good info to start with root veges. I like 'em too - except beets. Ick.

Jules said...

Just checking in for my Jacob fix. What a sweetie!

Catherine said...

That's a fabulous shot of Jacob!
Wow -- that is a lot of I Spy quilts!! I've yet to make one.

hetty said...

Good for you for preparing Jacob's root vegetables yourself! No wonder he looks so healthy and cute! As for your "thing" for 'I spy' quilts, I am not a good one to answer that. I seem to have all kinds of obsessions! As long as you enjoy making them it's okay.

GRACE said...

awwww amy, sooooo cute! almost as cute as my own DD was at that age; seriously she was beautiful! fun, eh? six months old already? just wait until the old school bus comes, goes faster than that

Margaret aka Supermom said...

mine all loved sweet potatoes a lot - they are very sweet.

Rose Marie said...

6 mos. already? Gosh, time flies. BTW do you need any more fabric for your I SPY's?