Friday, May 08, 2009


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(This quilt hung at the local show that I walked to a couple weeks ago.)

But it makes me think of my upcoming trip to Oregon. (& More or less my style of travel.)

Two people have suggested going out to Cannon Beach. Since Oregon is on the west coast (I am just so full of trivia, huh?) we'd be able to see the sun setting in the ocean. Oh so romantic... But the more pragmatic of the travelers is wary of my tendency to over stuff a "vacation."

You see here is the very temporary time schedule that I am working with...

Arrive at the very end of Thursday.
Friday - (over night in Bend)
Saturday - Sisters (not sure how long...)
Sunday -
Monday -
Tuesday - return somewhat early

I really want to drive the scenic route to Multnomah falls - can i fit in the beach as well? Should I schedule some down time?

In the end I really do plan on playing it by ear - I've never traveled with a baby, he will probably dictate a good portion of the journey...


paula, the quilter said...

As a child, I lived in Astoria OR for 3 years and we would vacation in either Seaside or Cannon Beach. I am a 'Goonie' because we lived in an area of Astoria very similar to what is pictured in the movie.

Silkquilter01 said...

Dear Calico:

You are trying to do TOO Much. Quilt show and coast or Quilt show and Multnomah Falls. NOT both. Multnomah Falls is approximately 3 1/2 hours(165 to 187 miles depending on route) North of Sisters. Then to the Coast is another 110 miles (2 Hours) Of course you won't spend more than an hour or two at Mulnomah Falls cause there is not that much to see unless you go hiking. You will have more time to enjoy the coast and relax if you skip the falls. I live in Eastern Oregon (Weston) about 5 hours from Sisters. I see Multnomah Falls every time we go to Portland. Haven't been to the coast in the 21 years that we've lived here. But I get to go next week with my son's 8th grade class on their annual field trip. Tidal Pools in May. Very Cold. lol

All that said, if you really want to get that tired, by all means see everything you want to see. When my daughter was 14 months, we drove from Fort Hood Texas to Seattle with a stop in Las Vegas for the DH to spend a day gambling. I was exhausted as DD was sick with a cold. She's 28 now, so I guess it didn't hurt either one of us.

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

To get to the beach you have to go thru portland due west... and I know you are going to be east of Portland. on the Multnomah Falls side..
I vote no on the beach ...

Did you know Timberline lodge was where they filmed The Shining? Its also on the east side. Should be spring like up there in July.
Take the elevator in Oregon City ... or
Seafood at the Charthouse on the Columbia... waterfront dining on the way home from the falls?

Oh yeah Fabric Depot... a supermarket of Fabric.


andsewitis Holly said...

Okay, this is a P.S. to the email I sent you. Definitely do the coast - do, DO IT! If you had to choose between Multnomah Falls and the Cannon Beach I'd pick the beach. But I think you could do both since you have two free days. Do one on each day. It only takes 1.5 - 2 hours to get to Cannon Beach from where you'll be staying and maybe only 45 min - 1 hour to the Falls from where you'll be staying. Just think about wriggling your toes in the sand of the Pacific Coast. Do both.

Lori said...

I hope we have sunny day for you, here in Oregon. I live west of Portland, we vacation mostly at Seaside. Funny how we live in the State but don't go places, never been to Multnomah Falls, just drive bys, been to the coast thousands of times. Even when we lived on the coast we just go to a different town on the coast LOL. Did the same thing when I lived on the East Coast. We just did Idaho - no coast but a river, need my water. Have fun, where ever you end up.

Cher said...

if you take the drive from Sisters around through the Columbia Gorge-you will see Multnomah Falls and stop for lunch-really that is the best part-the scenery, unless you love to hike. The beach? Cannon Beach is gorgeous-I will be taking my sister there later this month to spend a night. If you drove through and spent the night at the beach-you could stay through the next day and not feel tired out.

Michael5000 said...

From Portland to do the whole waterfall loop at a leisurely pace is a half day. For just Multnomah Falls, you could get out and back in two hours (plus another hour if you want to climb to the top).

For the Coast, you'll want a whole day.

Eminently doable.