Thursday, May 28, 2009


My own copy (on loan from the library) of Quilts, Baby! by: Linda Kopp has arrived! :o)
I am only slightly more excited to try the 3 minute cake recipe that I got via e-mail this morning. (Susan, I am still giddy!)

Oh, it is also almost pea season at our U Pick farm, I am really excited about making farm fresh baby peas too!

BTW Blintz souffle is what we will be eating for our dairy meal. (The blintz are in the freezer...)

Jacob April 2009

Jacob April 2009
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You've seen this photo before, I was playing with picnik. This is the auto corrected color. I need to apply that one more often. I keep looking at this next to the original scanned version - it is neat to see the differences.

BTW The 6 month old guy has his next well baby appointment tomorrow & gets to try carrots today since we finished his squash yesterday. I hope he continues to enjoy all of the food that we offer, because turnips & rutabegas are up next! I read in a book to start with root vegetables as they are sweet, without being fruity sweet. So far I am steaming & pureeing them by hand.

On the quilty front, I am cutting for a large I SPY - complete with a scrappy back. Kind of unfortunately, at the same time i am sorting & cutting for several other I SPY's - it is a sickness I tell ya.
here is the rundown:

1. Queen Size Stretched Star I SPY with scrappy back
2. Second twin sized Stretched star I SPY
3. Cat themed stretched star I SPY
4. Cat themed "bricks" I SPY
5. Bricks I SPY - with scrappy squares for a border. (Karen Dianne, you can quit laughing & get up off the floor now.)

Do you think I have a "thing" for I SPY's?

At the sewing machine is my black & white challenge quilt & a stretched stars charming Kaffe quilt. (Not that I have been in the mood to actually sew.)

Hand work - a block for my round robin. (That is two hints for Ms, Jan. But the glue stick probably gave away my hand work plan...)

Oh wait a minute, you did not hear about my glue stick...
I recently decided that when I "need" a glue stick & know that I have a glue stick "somewhere," that I should just go buy a new glue stick. I'm just sayin'... (I wasted far too much time thinking about searching for a actually searching for a glue stick - that will most undoubtedly be dry when/if I do find it.)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The new toy!

The new toy!
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What did you do on Sunday? After running errands (a familiar refrain), We spent several hours putting this toy together & I made a lot of baby puree. On tap for consumption, squash, turnips, carrots, & rutabega. :o)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Babysitter cat!

Babysitter cat!
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Seriously he refused to move. But they are so cute & so far nice to each other...

The plaid blanket was mine as a baby. The blue cat receiving blanket/burpcloth/drool catcher, started out under nicely folded under Jacob's head... He has grabbibng figured out... He also turns a lot in the crib.

His daddy told me that this morning, Jacob was rather twisted under his blankets... We might need to reinvent the "keep the baby warm" scenario. That and half the time, he has kicked the blankets off! (Not particularly heart warming to feel the cold baby skin after one of those episodes.)

Oh & He "never" sleeps with his hands down at his sides or under the blankets. He sleeps like a referee's touchdown gesture. So I get cold fingers regularly when he nurses. :o)

But he seems to like the blankets/quilts even when he is wearing a blanket outfit - yes, they have outfits that are blankets - Jacob has 2 of them.

Is this cheating?

So there I am looking through a magazine...

What do I see, a border that makes me want to see the whole quilt. Well, that is what I thought, but it was actually a "table runner" for the foot of your bed.

Is that cheating? Would any of you consider making one?

The same magazine gave me a pretty good idea on how to use my Liberty collection... & It had anpther quilt that is right up my alley - simple straighforward & scrappy!

I can admit it,

I like dairy foods!
With that said, Shavout, the anniversary of the revelation at Sinai and of the gift of Torah to Israel, is the next holiday in the Jewish Calendar. The Torah itself is compared to milk -- "Honey and milk under your tongue" - and thus dairy products are symbolic of that great day of Sinai. So I need to start thinking about a dairy meal.
So I am calling out to all of you cooks, send me your cheesy goodness! No meat for this holiday, just cheese, glorious cheese!
(Otherwise, I'll make another blintz souffle or stuffed shells maybe a kugle.)

This would be my world famous dairy kugle, a needle casserole.

Grease a very large pyrex and preheat the oven to 350 degrees
Put 1 LB of cooked medium egg noodles in the pyrex
Mix together in a large bowl:
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp almond extract
1/2 pound cream cheese (mixes easier if softened)
1 cup of sugar (you'll also need an additional 4 tb later)
1 pt (16 oz) sour cream
1 tsp salt
4 oz butter
8 eggs
4 1/2 cups milk
Pour over the noodles and stir until combined - it will look VERY soupy
In a small bowl mix 4 TB sugar and some cinnamon (a few tsps?)
Sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top of kugel
Bake for about an hour and 45 minutes, or until nice and golden
Note: You can also make the kugel the day before, bake only for 1 and 1/2 at 350, and before serving cook it an additional 30 minutes.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I want more!

I want more!
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Mr. I've got an ear infection, :o( is eating pureed squash - his first real food!

He likes it, Jacob really likes it!

BTW I was going to make him some bibs using hand towels. But when we got to Toy's-r-us, I found a 10 pack of terry bibs for $10! You can't make a bib for that amount... So he is sporting one of the orange ones - which matches the squash perfectly...

I love how that blanket is all tucked in.

I love how that blanket is all tucked in.
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Now that Jacob know how fingers work, he will grab the blanket that I lay over him when I put him down for a nap. Here he is right before I am about to pick him up... (He is awake, because I "HAD" to run to the other room for the camera!)

That is a "Minky-type" fabric that has no front or back, modestly bound with a Liberty floral. (I was going for gender neutral & goes with mint, so we ignore the pink flowers. Besides, Jacob loves it! The same type of "minky-like" fabric is on the back of he yellow birds quilt.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

9 seconds

9 seconds
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This was the first time that Jacob reached for that bunny. He likes the seat, it vibrates as well as plays music.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tah Dah!

Tah Dah!
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On Saturday, after running errands & eating lunch out, I got home & decided to baste this quilt. Once I got it based (including the label) I decided to change the bobbin (the machine was warning me) & the thread & quilt it - temporary spray adhesive for the basting. Once I got it quilted & trimmed, I decided to cut the fabric for the binding. Once I got the strips sewn together correctly - the first time, I decided to press them. Once I got the pressed, I decided to attach them to the quilt. Since this is planned as a love to death, drag around quilt, I decided to top stitch the binding down. Once I got it bound & finished hand stitching the label down, I put the quilt in the washer & dryer, so that on Sunday morning, I was able to have a "Tah Dah!" moment at my sew-n-tell meeting! (Where I did not press one bit of my fabric...)

We used the quilt at the Doctor's office this morning - it is breezy & cool in Maryland this morning. Jacob is doing fine, the doctor is -pleased with is progress. 25 inches, 15 1/2 lbs., we have our 6 month check-up next Thursday, for the official record in the baby book numbers. Watch out pureed food, here we come!

Friday, May 15, 2009

cutting, cutting, cutting

I have been cutting the selvages off of most of my fabrics (BIG FAT LIE - I am not taking out all of my fabrics...), So I have been cutting the selvages off of a bunch of my fabrics.

I, by the way, still have way to much fabric. I am probably going to have a grab bag of fabrics to give away eventually.

I have been cutting for 2 I SPY quilts, one will be queen or king size, needing about 525 charms... 21 x 25 layout. (95 inches x 113 inches) I have about 350, but I have some that I have you to cut as well... No they are not all cats. That is the other one that I am cutting out. It is inevitable, whenever I am cutting/sorting, I end up with a cat pile. I have not counted the cat pile, but I am going to make a twin sized quilt with them. Only this time, the cats have to be doing something, wearing something, with something, or on something - not just cats for cat sake - unless they are already in the pile. My rules are flexible.

I am also cutting about 99 10.5 inch squares for a "Bonnie back." Those are my larger novelties, so that a whole scene can be sceen instead of just a portion of the scene, as in the case when they are used on the front, although I am trying not to use them on the front if they are on the back, but I may have to become more flexible there as I need about 175 more charms right now.

What are you working on? (Why am I doing this instead of sandwiching & quilting the crib sized I SPY?)


Jacob uses cloth diapers, so I am only buying disposeable for this trip - I am shipping them, so that I don't have to lug/pack them. Otherwise, I would be shopping on the other end. Which BTW is a great idea.

Ready for another list:
Things for me to bring on the plane for me (the adults)
camera, batteries, cord
laptop, cord
ipod, cord
prepared applique block with sewing kit
extra shirt (for each of us)
water bottles - empty until after the screening
powdered drink mix for the hubby
lip balm
photocopy of Jacob's birth certificate
pocketbook with regular pocketbook stuff
I mentioned is before, but the baby wrap

I will be puching the click & go stroller with the car seat up to the gate (I need to get a luggage strap for that click & go stroller...)

Am I missing anything?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another packing list

For the baby, we are mailing the following to our hotel:
swim diapers
swim t-shirts
swim hat
sun block
foot rattles
steam bag (for cleaning baby stuff in the microwave)
bowls, spoons, cereal
clothes, clothes, clothes

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I know I don't go until July, but...
I am ready to talk about packing.
1. we are shipping a box to the hotel.
2. we want to minimize the checked baggage.
3. carry on will consist of a whole lot of baby stuff...

So I have been making a list or 3 & checking it or them (you know where I am going with that one, right?)

Now I am wondering about food...
Do you pack a lunch/dinner or buy from the airlines if not much in the airport?
In the past I have packed un my lunch. I bring empty bottles for filling with water & everything else is disposable. (Ziploc type bags are my friends...)
Now that I have a ton of baby gear added to the mix, I am wondering if this is still a good idea...

Have you traveled by airplane with a baby? What did you bring?

Here is my carry on list:
8 diapers (1 for each hour of travel)
bag for the used diapers/wipes
wet bag for soiled clothes
2 bottles (beastfeeding as well)
formula, pre-measured
cooler bag for the bottles
burp cloths
1 book (Not 3 or 4 as my husband would prefer)
wrist rattles
flat toy - attached to links
teething rings
extra clothing
white noise - sleepy sheep
night night balm
first aide kit - infant tylenol, benadryl, teething gel
baby wrap
extra shirt for mommy & for daddy (Jacob has a knack for missing the burp cloth.)

Am I missing anything?

A pressing issue

After Tanya talked about her ironing board & the calico quilter followed suit, I figued that it was time for me to come clean...
For 99% of my pressing I use a June Taylor Press & Cut II. It is about the size of a fat quarter...

I am mentioneing this because I need to press some yardage - not fun using the press & cut (Or is that cut & press?).

I must mention that I have an over the door ironing board, but I don't like it & rarely use it.

I probably could get a better ironing board, but... (That is so not how I want to spend my money!)

I might be bale to use the one at the LQS - but then I'd "want/need" to actually buy something...

My GF has one of those big boards, but do I want to visit just to iron? What kind of friend would that make me? "Hi, I'm coming over, can I use your ironing board?" Sounds as good as it looks in type...

Oh well, at least my mini-group is meeting this weekend, I can ise that big board without guilt.
Here I come with far too many yards that need to be pressed!

Dog Turf on blue

Dog Turf on blue
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The quote on the fabric is too funny!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I had 1/2 of this pieced yesterday

DSC07235.JPG The crib sized I SPY! @ 36inches x 48 inches (No need to piece the back, but too big for a craft sized batt.)

Do you see the special treat?
Fussy cut JACOB, but not enough to have them all aligned perfectly. (I have some "perfect" letters, I need to find them... They were set aside for a special project...) Oh & there is a preponderance of aligators on this quilt... The "A is for Aligator", "Aligator wearing an argyle sweater", & "Aligator on black holding a gift." No idea how that happened... (Except that those three prints garnered a "giraffe with grapes" and "giraffe with a gift" and a "B is for bear" on the previous I SPY quilt... (That one probably could have had a "G is for Giraffe" - I need to check... Now that would have been funny... At least to me since I study the prints.)

The backing will be these gargantuan kitties (the one on the right)!
The ones on the left are the "normal" sized kitties. I found the huge ones at a "quilter's yard sale" several years ago - I snatched them up lickety split!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Since Debby is showing her I SPY, I'll share my I SPY in progress.
Almost as soon as I finished this one,
I started another. (Just like potato chips!)
Do you see any stars?
There is an orange one right near the cat & she is sitting on a purple one...
(They worked out better in my mind that in reality when you look at the whole quilt...)
In light of that, the next one will feature lime & orange stars with a purple background. (I hope it works out better, if not this is still my favorite I SPY pattern & I still have 2 or 3 more to piece - they just might skip the stars...)
Another couple in progress shots...
You see how the skateboards have an orange feel to them... This is how I am trying to emphasize the stars more...
A not orange (or lime) I SPY with the purple.


Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas
Another awesome video... :o)

No, he is not feeding himself yet, he only thinks he can.

You see, I was reading on baby feeding & saw that I should allow him to hold a spoon while feed in him - helping him to make connections. One thing led to another, I grabbed the camera & here is where it ended... :o)

BTW Turquoise strap - new "over shorts" - so CUTE! (The bib is on backwards, because the front was already filthy!)

Do you see my Kaffe quilt on the wall in the distance, nice...

Portland - again...

I know this subject is getting old, but I just had to give a shout out to Cher! Her idea of driving through the Columbia Gorge on the way to Sisters is perfect! You see, we are not super hikers. We (at least I) am a reveler in nature, I love to see what mother nature has created & I am willing to walk a mile or 2 to get to it... So all along, I only planned on hiking up to the bridge... This never had been an all day extravaganza, although I do plan on taking the scenic route & stopping along the way as my fancy allows...

This all means that we will arrive in Bend a little later, but that is o.k., I had only planned on visiting the High Desert Museum & missing out on that is o.k. in the grans scheme of things.

Thanks again for the awesome idea Cher!

On remembering my first Mother's Day (as a mother)

I have to start by saying, I love where I am in my life, but that it wasn't always this happy. Mother's Day in particular was a rough day during those years when I wanted desperately to be a mother, but just couldn't get biology to agree with me. What a slap-in-the-face reminder of my monthly struggle and monthly disappointment.
I'm one of the lucky ones, as far as infertilty goes. Our reproductive endocrinologist was able to get us pregnant rather quickly, so there I was miraculously, blissfully, nauseatingly pregnant. It was an enormous financial, physical and emotional price to pay, but one that my husband and I didn't think twice about, and of course, would repeat in a heartbeat. (ahem, reality interlude - I don't see myself having a second...)
But there are the less fortunate ones: the couples whose infertility is chalked up to "unknown causes" and who just can't manage to get pregnant, despite all of modern medicine's advances. And the ones who seem to be able to get pregnant, but experience recurrent loss. Their syndromes aren't life-threatening, but come with their own special brand of pain and grief. I know many people in these situations, and though they hide their heartbreak from most, I see it and I understand it.
If this all seems too heavy on such a special day, forgive me. I only endeavor to remind mothers of how lucky they are, how special their maternal roles are, and how miraculous this whole procreation thing really is. And I also offer a little advice: please don't ask your childless friends when they're going to have a baby. How do you know they haven't been struggling to do so for years? And if you do know someone struggling with infertility, please be an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on, but please DO NOT offer unsolicited advice in the vein of "If it's meant to be, it will happen," or "Maybe God doesn't want you to be a parent," or "Maybe if you just relax, you'll get pregnant." Believe me, having been there, these are the types of statements that make us want to choke you fertile creatures.

I hope your day was lovely, we had a low-key day & that was a-o.k.
On our walk. Jacob was looking at the creek rushing under the bridge!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I hope that you all have a Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Contemplating part 2

Aside from Friday night, we will be staying in (near) Portland.


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(This quilt hung at the local show that I walked to a couple weeks ago.)

But it makes me think of my upcoming trip to Oregon. (& More or less my style of travel.)

Two people have suggested going out to Cannon Beach. Since Oregon is on the west coast (I am just so full of trivia, huh?) we'd be able to see the sun setting in the ocean. Oh so romantic... But the more pragmatic of the travelers is wary of my tendency to over stuff a "vacation."

You see here is the very temporary time schedule that I am working with...

Arrive at the very end of Thursday.
Friday - (over night in Bend)
Saturday - Sisters (not sure how long...)
Sunday -
Monday -
Tuesday - return somewhat early

I really want to drive the scenic route to Multnomah falls - can i fit in the beach as well? Should I schedule some down time?

In the end I really do plan on playing it by ear - I've never traveled with a baby, he will probably dictate a good portion of the journey...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Happy Odd Day

That's right May 7th 2009 is an Odd day - 5/7/9 (That kind of consecutive string is fairly rare in dates.)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Just how I am feeling...

Give me strength to not give in to what all the ‘other moms’ may or may not be doing with their children.

It is hard not to fall into the Licensed products hole of advertising to INFANTS...

So when we went shopping for Jacob last weekend, I was a bit gleeful while browsing through shops that had generic themed baby clothes. (& a little guilty about the brand named t-shirt that was the best value at about $3 - we need a "t" for over the swim trunks - Jacob is fair skinned with red hair...)

Here is a reminder photo...
So you can't see the red hair in my artsy-fartsy photo... (It wasn't visible in the others either... he is sporting a fringe.)

a landscape of a different kind

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This quilt hung at the last local show that I attended...

I was just working on a brain exercise that completely made me think about the Honeymooners...

So now when look at this quilt , I can hear Alice saying, "I don't miss you one bit Ralph."

(Meaning it as much as Ralph meant it when he said, "one of these days...Pow! Right to the MOON!".)

Monday, May 04, 2009

What have you been up to? (AKA This really is a quilting blog.)

DSC07217.JPG Shooting star I Spy, twin size. 200+ different charms.

DSC07218.JPG A nice sampling of the charms...

DSC07219.JPG A lovely model....

A soon as I finished this one, I started a smaller version that I can take on the plane with us. not that Jacob will know what a giraffe is when I show him, but we will be able to chat about the images & quilts are just comforting!

I may be the only one to do this, but I immediately started working on a stacked coins quilt as well... You see, in addition to the one that I just started for our trip, I have another twin & a queen using this pattern planned. But I have charms for 4 or 5 more - How did I get so many bugs? Why did I cut 4 or 5 of that print? So I cut the small scale ones in half & I looked for others where there was a 2.5 inch image - tall stack of quilts, giraffe, etc. & cut those... (I had a baggie of these cut already for some quilt or another in my head once upon a time ago...)

sleeping baby

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The baby can not longer reach his mobile... We moved the mattress down to the mid-level. I guess that officially means that he is getting bigger. That and the fact that he rolled all the way over from the front to the back!

baby sitter or bench warmer

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So I get home & I put the baby in the swing so that I can get everything in from the car, check the mail, & start his diaper wash. This is the scene when I return...

Is she a baby sitter or a bench warmer?

(That laundry basket has to move back to the bedroom before my dinner guests arrive on Friday...)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Just playing

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The natural sun was shining through my bedroom window last Sunday, so I had an impromptu photo session with my son. The light sheets & onsie worked really well for me. I am a fan of black & white & that scheme also works well in that format. Here is a just ofr fun frame - polaroid. (I won't get a print of this one - the effect does not follow through...) But I have several others in my flickr...