Monday, April 27, 2009

Newsprint effect

Newsprint effect
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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

The Calico Family is going to Sisters in July!

I am cashing in my airline points. We arrive late on Thursday & will be staying in Clackmas. On Friday, we head to Bend where we will stay over so that the drive to Sisters is considerably shorter. (Any advice on when we should leave, so that traffic & parking issues are minimized?) After the show on Saturday, we head back to Clackmas. We don't have any plans for Sunday, but we will be taking the scenic drive to Multnomah falls on Monday & we head back to Washington DC on Tuesday.

Any eateries worth mentioning? (Fish/vegeterian) (VooDoo Donuts?)
Anything too see/do in on the way to Bend?


Rhonda said...

Great photo of the baby. And as for Sisters...I am so envious...good for you! Take care.

Kay said...

I'm envious too. That's a show I'd love to see, and it sounds perfect for a family trip.

floribunda said...

There were several quilt shops in bend when I was there a few years ago. I'd try to get into Sisters fairly early to avoid parking hassles, but better to just resign yourself to lots of people! The show was a lot of fun. Are you going to have any time in Portland?

Catherine said...

That shot of the baby is wonderful -- sometimes black and white shots really are better than colour!
I can't wait to see all the pictures you'll take!!

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

FABRIC DEPOT!!! near mall 205! your like right next door. check their website to see if your there for a sale weekend.
Bolt. .. on Alberta more fabric.
Fibers in Motion in Multnomah Village
lots of kaffe and such.

Burgerville for a halibut burger.... fast food. walla Walla Onion rings, Marionberry shake ..
a local, humanely sourced, McD's.

Food? Ha! Alberta.. Belmont... Both have vegetarian ..
but delish and uniquely Portland is Portlands oldest "Hubers" or yummy Higgins .. there is Lots of Fish here in the NW ... the food here is great... and the beer is better!
Chocolate by JaCiva's... and Moonstruck...It's been years since I lived downtown... I eat more local on the west side.

Sister's in July? the heat and crowds prevent me from attending.
But I am sure you will get lots of advice. Its the home of Valorie Wells after all.

How cute is that baby? too darn!