Monday, April 27, 2009

goings on...

So we all just had a virtual quilt show. Cathi said that is was a "green" quilt show. Which made me feel a bit guilty because the Calico Family is "planning" to go to Sisters this year in Oregon - all the way on the other side of the continent! (Any advice & travel ideas are welcome & solicited. Seriously, who among you has flown cross country with a 6.5 month old baby? - including a layover.)

With that said, the local show that I mentioned in passing on Friday - we walked to it. (About 2 miles each way, not including the walking around parts...)

My favorite!
Which was suprising considering this quilt
second close-up
DSC07113.JPG Do you see that brown log? I have that fabric in black, red, green, yellow & I saw it in blue... So you see I do not have "every" cat print available. & boy did I drool over that brown bit - I can admit it.
& this quilt were also in the show.
DSC07108.JPG I have 90% of those cat prints.

Speaking of cats, at the same time, at the county fairgrounds, there was a charity cat show. I walked around there as well. All I can say today about all of that walking... I have shins!


Cathi said...

Wow -- thanks for sharing these pictures! I really like that first quilt too.
Don't feel guilty! It's easy for me to say that as there are few big quilt shows anywhere near us!

Suzan Oxenreider said...

Having flown extensively for several years, my bit of advice about traveling with a wee one is please either nurse the baby during take off and landing or if you use a pacifier, give it to the baby during those times. So many parents do not realize that the pressure changes are uncomfortable for a baby.

Brenda said...

good on you for making a quilt show a family holiday. We've travelled extensively with children since they were babies, and now as teenagers, they can manage four hours without a stop. So if you start young, it will pay off and your little one should become a seasoned traveller. good luck and happy trails.

Andi said...

We flew with Baby K when she was 10 months. We planned flights close to nap time and I gave her a dose of Benadryl right before boarding. She is so extroverted that she was a happy camper waving to everyone! We didn't have any problems. However, it was a different story with a late afternoon flight last fall when she was 2...yeah, I was the mom of THAT screaming kid, not fun, but it's out of your control.

Margaret Solomon Gunn said...

My husband and I flew from Maine to Seattle when my oldest was exactly 6 m onths old. Let me tell you, the trip itself was OK, but the two days that followed were Hell. He could not sleep, could not get accostomed to the fact that we were up when he wanted to be down. It was dreadful - as we were in a hotel room with him and all of his misery! Good luck...

Elaine said...

I have done the flying with baby thing...the pacifier (I know, I didn't believe in them either) or a bottle will help for take-off and landings. Carry extra diapers, food, and supplies, because you never know. And slip a clean tee into your carry-on bag in case he upchucks on you; do not ask how I know this tip. Do what you can to keep his routine going. If at all possible, take a stroller or buy one at the other end (beware, airline folks regard it as a dare--"Can we break THIS one?")--this will help so the baby is not being handled all the time. (He'll feel cooler and rest better.) Actually, you will find this is an "easy age" for travel, and I'll bet you will have fun.