Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend recap (of sorts)

On Saturday in the early morning, we lost electricity. Since we live in a condo where our electric is part of the condo fee, we are not on the bill for the electric company. So we can not call the electric compant to report outages. So my husband called the condo association - they told him to call the electric company. (He is going to the condo association meeting...) Anyway our hot water is on a boiler & most of our community had electricity so we each had a hot shower. (I can deal with the lack of electricity a lot more easily than the lack of hot water...) So when we were ready to leave, the electric company was out checking out the problem... It is/was not an electric company problem, so a private electric company is on site fixing the problem.

Skip ahead for a few hours... Jacob & I went to meet a friend for lunch,
bought some terribly cute onesies (One of them has an appliqued chick on it and it says "Spring Chicken."), went to a local quilt show (photos below & here from the black & white challenge blog), and we had dinner with my grandparents.

Meanwhile my husband, who declined the trip to Baltimore, found a fridge/freezer for our perishables. & as I arrived home, the private electric company broke down & brought in a heavy duty generator so that no one would freeze over night. I am assuming that they will return to finish the job today - they did not work on Sunday.

In comparison, yesterday was down right uneventful, so I will skip back to the quilt show.
DSC06629.JPG My favorite - hands down!
DSC06630.JPG The chicken border on this one cracked me up & made me think, "I could do that with cats..."
Here is one of the chickens:
DSC06637.JPG Could I not share the only cat that I found?
Better late than never, eh?


Pat said...

I hope your power is restored today. Nice pictures on your post today, too!

*karendianne. said...

Great quilts. And yes, you could do that chicken with cats instead. I hope Jacob didn't have to sleep in his winter parka! That 2000 quilt was pretty cool.

Silverthimble said...

What a cute chicken border! I bet you could do that with cats!

calamity kim said...

I just spent 30 minutes looking at your quilt set! Wow! All I can say is that I feel like I just went to another quilt show! what fun! It is so inspiring isn't it? Good luck with the electric problem- hope you stay warm! xo,

amandajean said...

i hope your electricity is restored properly soon. thanks for sharing the quilt show photos. those chickens on the border are wonderful!

McIrish Annie said...

What a pain! Hope things are back to normal now.

Cute pic of mom and baby!!

Rian said...

Gawd what a cute baby!

The Calico Quilter said...

I get so tickled at Jacob's expressions. If he could talk it looks like he would be saying, "Wow, look over there - and over THERE - and, oooh, what's that?" He looks absolutely enchanted by everything. I can't say anything about the 2000 charm quilt nine years later because frankly it would take me more than 9 years to make anything with that many pieces!

Kay said...

I can understand why the 2000 quilt is late-- Was it one of those stash inventory things?

Michael5000 said...

Your favorite is kind of traditional quilting meets Summer of Love psychodelia. I like.