Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The mail man brought me a new quilt book. Material Obsessions. (link to Amazon) Have you been to their blog? Material Obsessions. (I think that is the name of their shop too.)

I am always forced to analyze & think about what they share. (Which I like!)

Right now I am hoping that the Australian & American versions of the book have the same projects. (Different covers.)

After browsing quickly through the book, I know that I now want to go shopping at Prints Charming. :o)

All kinds of "boy" quilt ideas are popping around in my brain...

Since I mentioned my muse, here is a recent photo (as if any of them are truely "old.")
I put the boppy under the quilt. I think he likes the "seated" position. I have also been holding his hands and pulling him up into a seated position. (FWIW, I never figured out how to use the boppy for feedings, but I can see myself using it as a cushion for the baby.)


sewprimitive karen said...

He looks like you, Amy.

McIrish Annie said...

YOur boy gets cuter every day! I met the Prints Charming gals in Houston on my first visit. I think i have a tea towel somewhere in my stash which they gave out during their presentation. they are lovely gals

Jules said...

I never figured out how to use the bobby to feed, either. I did use it to prop babies in sitting positions. I know my sister used it with her daughter who was a preemie for therapy. But none of us used them to feed.

Cute baby!

cindyquiltsOR said...

I think boppy must be a acquired skill. I used it a lot when my g'son was in neonatal.

The nurse wrapped it around my middle and then placed the baby up against me. I only had to use my hands to touch him rather than hold him. Bear in mind: he was less than 3# and not much of a wiggler.

After a few months, boppy makes a great photo prop!

Tanya said...

Thanks for the comments. I don't know how you can find the time to visit blogs with a baby in the house! Jacob is a cutie pie!

Ruth's Place said...

My little girl is pointing at Jacob shouting bubby! I loved the boppy for feeding, freed my hands nicely I used it the same way as cindyquiltsOR describes.