Thursday, February 12, 2009

baskets & bags

(If I knew this would be the subject of my post, I would have tried to be better prepared.)

Libby recently posted about how she is using a basket.

Here is how I used a laundry basket while cutting fabric.

This basket holds a (can you guess?) quilt!

I should have gotten the baskets that fit under this bench.

For a while, I kept thinking about getting baskets to go above my kitchen cabinets. Now that we have added 12 inches of extra cabinets over the original ones, that idea is less practical.

I own 1 of those fancy schmancy name brand baskets - it was a gift.

Almost anyone who knows me, know that I am a bag lady.

I have made bags. I am not a fan of making bags. I have been gifted hand made bags - yay! I have a pile of handled paper grocery sacks - great for carrying charity donations.

In the past when I sewed & cut up a storm, I reused gift bags for the snippets & thread clippings.
All of my UFO's are in a bag of some sort - sometimes even more than one bag (Zippered plastic bags are not included in this list, but they are in use.)

I have them hanging on over the door hooks, on door handles, on shelves, & on the floor.

I use several bags just to get to work. My breast pump is in a bag, my lunch/snack/water goes in a bag or 2, my pocket book is technically a bag, & I have a back pack that usually holds one of those bags & the other detrius of my life.

In addition to the diaper bag (when you are using cloth diapers, you don't have enough room in a standard diaper bag especially considering the milk transportation & other baby ephemera), we are getting a jumbo Land's End bag to carry Jacob's stuff to & from day care - my bags are in use. Oh & I think the way that they stay open will be useful for the diapers.

Any other basket or bag ladies (gents) out there? How do you use them? Do you have a love/hate relationship with them?


Suzan said...

I use baskets (plastic, wooden and woven), bags (fabric and plastic) and boxes. I have wire shelf units, an old baby changing dresser with drawers and an antique washstand. At this very moment, most of my fabric is on my cutting table or on the floor in the studio. Thank goodness I can close the door!!

Libby said...

The contents of your basket is a whole lot more fun than my cookbooks and quilt books *s*

Jules said...

I have baskets. I don't use them. I just think they are cool looking. I also love to buy bags. I have a favorite bag pattern from Amy Butler. I have made it multiple times. (I have also bought it multiple times because I lose it every once in a while.)

Chocolate Cat said...

That is such a cute photo of Jacob in the laundry basket! I have a thing about the green bags from the supermarket especially the patterned ones, never remember to take them with me so always end up buying more! but I use them for everything! I take a large cane basket to work.

The Calico Quilter said...

I have a few baskets but had more in the past. I cut back on using them for display and storage that was open to view because they collect dust to badly! And - my husband HATES them. My best story - I had attended a few Longaberger basket parties given by friends and had bought two things over the years. After Nancy gave a party I didn't attend she called and left a message to see if there was anything I wanted to add to the order. My husband played back the message and asked, with a terrible expression on his face, "You don't need any more BASKETS, do you?" with about the same inflection one would enquire if you needed anymore poisonous snakes!

Nope, no more baskets.