Monday, January 26, 2009


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My little sleeping baby.

The only problem with this picture is that you can't move him without waking him... I can sit with a sleeping baby on my chest "for ever." But his daddy had things to do... (This scene played itself out twice yesterday - I took a second picture of this scene with Jacob in his sleepy clothes.)

Unfortunately, my good sleeper is not sleeping so good - I guess it really was "too good too be true" when he was sleeping for 7 hours straight.

We have out 2 month well baby check-up later this morning. (I think there are some shots associated with that appointment. That will definitely hurt me more than him...)

Hey, as an upside, I get to cut some more fabric as soon as I post this entry.


Ruth's Place said...

He is lovely! I have one sleeping baby shot, ever other time I tried to take a sleeping baby picture she woke up!

Happy cutting!

Denise (Nour) said...

The calico kitten is very cute!

Chocolate Cat said...

What a gorgeous photo!

cindyquiltsOR said...

The kitten sleeping on your chest is a sign you need to rest.

A handsome young man!

jacquie said...

this was my hubby's favorite time. such a great picture!

Michael5000 said...


Tanya said...

Wonderful picture! Wow! You're good!