Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quilts for Obama at the Historical Society of Washington DC

Quilts for Obama at the Historical Society of Washington DC
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Jacob & I had a very busy day today!

He went on his first subway ride.

We went to a free quilt show - this was my favorite quilt on display. (More are in my flickr.)
We then walked around that area of DC a bit. (Saw the 6th & I Historic Synagogue, National Building Museum, & the Law Enforcement Memorial.) Photos in my flickr.

Once we got back to the car (The subway car was full at @ 12:30 - I so can not imagine the crowds on Tuesday...) I fed Jacob for what seemed like forever. Funny aside, I drape a receiving blanket over him - just in case... Well today was probably the coldest day so far this winter, so I was wearing a wool sweater over a long sleeved T. I decided to take off the sweater - one less thing to get out of the way of the faucet. An old perve watched me taking off my sweater - while I stared at him! (I felt a tiny bit bad for a guy who wanted my parking spot, but I was able to send him to another spot.)
We then went to the quilt shop (where I forgot to get a seam ripper...) where I got a new rotary cutter, some thread & a fat quarter.

Guess what else I got at the quilt shop? Chocolate. Does your quilt shop sell "high end" chocolate? (Or something else that is rather far removed from quilting/sewing supplies?) Anyway, I knew it was there - I had just avoided it in the past, but I had to wait after pulling my three items. So I got to look around. The chocolate that I got has cashews & ginger - to things that I like to I made the purchase. Its not bad... The chocolatier is in West Virginia - DeFluri's Fine Chocolates.


McIrish Annie said...

isn't traveling with baby a blast?? At least you don't have to carry bottles! LOL. Sounds like you have feel right into the Mom groove! Hope you are having fun!

jovaliquilts said...

Thanks so much for posting photos of the Obama quilts! I've been wanting to see them. Would LOVE to see the show!!

cindyquiltsOR said...

My oldest son had a T shirt I had made for him: Mom's bosom buddy

The pics are great. Thanks for sharing.

floribunda said...

Thanks for the photos, Amy -- I had heard about the show and was hoping to see pix of at least some of the quilts!

julieQ said...

I wonder how many quilts in history are political in nature or inspired by a presidency...kind of interesting to think about.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous exhibit. I hope that I get to see it some day. How many quilts were exhibited?

Susan said...

They got that quilt display up fast! Thanks for the pics.

One of my favorite shops does sell chocolates, but then the name of the shop is Cotton and Chocolates. =)

Kim said...

No high end chocolate at my LQS. Hmm, will have to add it to the suggestion box. Could come in handy. Quilts for Obama - love love love that!! Babies were made for traveling, lol, especially when you don't have to carry bottles - I didn't have to either. Nice, ready to serve meals, lol.