Thursday, January 15, 2009

On cooking, babies & why I don't quilt so much...

round robin quilt
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On Cooking

Well it is official, I will not be a candy maker in my next career.

I have been trying to make Saltine Candy (Several recipes found by googling - which adds to the confusion!) & it hasn't been working out very well for me.

Today I had maybe my worst attempt. You see based upon my reading, I figure that my previous failures were related to not cooking the butter & sugar together long enough on the stove top. (you may have heard about caramel burning quickly...) Today I burned the mix - so bad that my smoke alarm went off. So I turned on the vent & poured the mix out - outside! Jacob quit crying when the vent went on....

My second attempt did not burn & it is in the fridge cooling - but the chocolate did not melt & I have a feeling that the sugar is still granular. Edible but not ideal.

FYI It does not help that every recipe is different for this very simple candy! (400 deg for 3 min, 375 deg for 5 to 7 min, etc.!)

On Babies

1. how does a tiny thing generate so much laundry - by spitting up thats how!
2. I know why onsies are so useful... The squirmy baby scootched so much that that he created a "Plumber's Crack" this morning!
3. Street Angel/House Devil - We were out for quite a while yesterday & Jacob was very good! Today in the house, he is crying when the faucet is off... But I am going back to work in a few weeks, so there needs to be a limit or else he will be in for a rude awakening!

On Quilting

That is my completed round robin in the photograph. We had a wonderful experience, 14 months with out major delays! See the ring on the sidebar - to see more (Although you may have to scroll through some of the blogs since the last round was completed more quickly on some than others.) The official mailing day was Jan. 15, so none are late! I think that 13 out of 15 are home already!

My goal today was to press some of my black & white prints... I might reach that goal if the baby naps... He is sitting quietly right now. (He must have read my mind when I typed about the house devil....)

BTW My cat threw up her cat food today - so that is on my plate too!


Not Lucy said...

Welcome to motherhood! Some words of advice:
"It doesn't get better, it just changes!"
"Babies are the most contrary creatures when they want to be."
"This too shall pass."
"Enjoy your little boy, he will be grown up before you know it!"

p.s. Not a pretty picture - cat issues on your plate!

floribunda said...

please tell me the cat didn't throw up on your plate... it was just a figure of speech, right? One of my nephews used to spit up so often that I made him a bib that said "it all comes back except one spoonful". He also had issues with holding onto his poo for several days and then "exploding" -- usually in a public place. I wish you better luck than that!

Jules said...

You amaze me. You are doing so much with a new baby. I am very impressed. What a lucky baby Jacob is!

Kay said...

"It doesn't get better, it just changes." That's so true. Motherhood is definitely for the long haul.

I love the Round Robin quilt.

Carin said...

I think you are adjusting great and getting tons done with a new baby.
Good Luck hun your in my prayers.

Phyllis said...

I really like the quilt you made.

I'm always cleaning up some sort of mess made by one of my critters!

Susan said...

You are getting a lot done, all things considered. =)

Tanya said...

I hope not directly on your plate!