Sunday, January 04, 2009

A couple things to think about

Why is it that when the Border's in my neighborhood is closing, I am compelled to shop? 

(food & drinks were 75% off & my husband really enjoys those fancy coffees. That is my excuse & I am sticking to it. Oh & the fresh baked cookies.... YUM)

I did not look at the craft (quilting) books, but I did walk away with quite a few cooking for baby/toddler, surviving the first year, raising a son, parenting, etc. books. Everything was 50% off. (As if that makes it any better.) Earlier when the discount was not as good, we got several baby books, & poetry books to read to Jacob.

How much will a cat take? 

You might remember how your infant thrashed his or her arms about... 

Last night, I had put Jacob down in the crib & went to lie down. He fussed, so the daddy changed him & then unexpectedly brought him in to me (Daddy went into the bathroom & I assumed that he would take Jacob to the living room with him when he was done.), but I already had two cats - desperate for some "alone time" with mommy. Rhapsody left right away, but RB sat there & then Jacob started to thrash. Poor RB had no idea what to do with a baby "hitting" him... I was there & I petted him & Jacob settled...  (I hate to admit it, but the look on the cats face was priceless - he was completely confused - he did not know wether he should run, hiss, etc.) 


Jules said...

Wonderful pictures below!

I cannot avoid a sale at Borders, either. I don't know what I would do if mine went out of business. And I am not going to think about that sad thought, either.

I don't know how much a cat will take. I have had a similar situation with older siblings, though. I have heard, "Put the baby down and get me something to eat!"

I hope you are having wonderful fun being a mommy.

The Calico Quilter said...

If another cat or an adult had whacked him, I am sure your cat wouldn't have been so patient and retaliated immediately. I think they understand they have to cut the baby some slack. I've seen dogs and cats take a ridiculous amount of abuse from babies and toddlers with amazing patience.

It occurred to me that you saved a lot on the parenting books, but Jacob is teaching you for FREE! And I'm sure his lessons are quite clear.

Ruth's Place said...

Our cat cut our little girl a lot of slack when she was little. Now that she's on two legs he's been known to let her know when she's too rough. That being said, he still takes a lot more "loving" from her than he would from me...

We belong to a book store loyalty programme, they have sales on a regular basis with special deals for card holders...we can't help ourselves, there's something about the words "bookstore" and "sale" together that break down all my resistance.

Kay said...

I just heard that Borders is in big trouble, and I'm so sorry, but of course they're really indistinguishable from B&N, so one will probably have to go. I feel guilty for using Amazon so much.

Your cat probably knows who's the dominant one now. It will be interesting to see if he withdraws, like he would if the baby were another, tougher, cat.

doni said...

What a sweetheart - my grandkids have 'guardian dogs' instead of cats - but the confusion is the same!

Warm winter wishes!

doni @ Oregon coast

Greenmare said...

great family pictures!!! I would have been sooooooooooooooo sucked in to a book sale. Book stores come a very close second to fabric stores for me.

Mama Koch said...

We don't have a Border's, so I don't have the option of spending my paycheck there. Buy a few extra books for me. I love farm books..for obvious reasons!