Thursday, January 29, 2009

Black & white walk, birthday, soup, sushi, & the dentist

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Obviously this photo has nothing to do with this post. It is just another example of what I did in Picnik.

Today's post is fairly black & white though - Jacob & I walked to his doctor's office & to the grocery store today. The trees looked black without leaves & there is still some white snow on the ground.

At the doctor's office we picked up a form that is needed for day care - I doubt that Jacob understood me telling him that he would not be getting any shots today - but we chatted getting shots anyway.

At the grocery store, I picked up some cake mix for my birthday cake. (A wagers on whether or not my husband will make the cake?)

Oh well, I'm off to start some pea soup - not my ideal birthday dinner, but the weather is fairly soupy, so I'll make soup. (I chopped the vegetables a couple days ago while I chopped them for a vegetable beef soup. So today, the stove will do the hard part.)

I almost forgot - for my birthday tomorrow, I get to go to the dentist! YAY! The last time I went to the dentist before getting pregnant, I treated myself to sushi afterwards - not a good idea. The seaweed salad got stuck in my newly cleaned teeth...

Does anyone else give themselves a special treat after visiting the dentist? (Not that it is a horrible experience for me, but it is one that I'd rather not endure. I really can do without the lecture! - Especially when these days I am really happy to get my teeth brushed let alone flossed.)


Rhonda said...

The picture of the baby is fantastic. I love black/white pictures and the pixel pic is really special. Great job!

Chocolate Cat said...

Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday for today (here anyway!!). Hope you have a great day, survive the dentist and most importantly enjoy your Birthday cake which I'm sure will be baked for you!!

Ann Ferguson said...

Aw... you sound a bit like you've got the winter birthday blues.Hope you had a great day, enjoyed the birthday cake and never make a dentist appointment on your birthday again!

Greenmare said...

cool picture! happy birthday!!!
I see you are taking plenty of pictures of the calico kitten. one thing I finally thought of with daughter number 4.. I took a picture of her in the same place every month on her birthdate, it happened to be the couch with a stuffed toy and it ended up being neat to see the size difference in comparison each month.

Rose Marie said...

A sweet baby, Happy Birthday and I always treat myself to something special after going to the dentist.