Sunday, January 04, 2009

black & white - mostly 50/50

black & white - mostly 50/50
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Since some people have asked about my black & white collection, I will tell a bit about what is going on.

To begin with, I am not sure when I started to collect these, but it was fairly early into my quilting.

Most of them are fat quarters - I prefer scrappy & have always been more happy to purchase 4 fat quarters instead of 1 yard.

I know that I purchased at least 2 fat quarter bundles - doing that jump starts your collection. For example, the 2 dark pieces in this photo along with their opposites & at least 2 other pieces were all purchased together. They are by Jan Mullen, one of my favorite fabric designers.

Then there is the fact that for 2 or 3 years (maybe more) I purchased every cat print that I could find, including the black & whites (& the ones that said "meow" or showed paw prints.)

In general, I do not buy fat quarter towers by Moda, nor do I buy with a pattern that says "X Yards of a print, Y yards of a dark compliment, etc." which I think also explains all of the black & whites... At least in comparison to someone who does buy by the pattern - or who buys a collection of fat quarters.

I haven't counted the number of prints that I have - but I went to the LQS to pick up my machine yesterday & did not buy the "new" fat quarters that were in the bin teasing my terribly!

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