Monday, December 22, 2008

give away

I am probably not the only one who uses under the bad storage bins. (All 3 of mine held fabric when I lived in my DC apartment.) Until last night, only one of mine still held fabric - nickels (5 inch squares) mostly. In the mean time, the newest addition to my home has generated a lot of stuff - So I am culling those Nickels & other sizeable "scraps." (Including a batik 9-patch UFO.)

The nickels/scraps are a lot of "lights", a good amount of bright on blacks, quite a few older Robyn Pandolf prints, some Oriental, & "darks" - although the bright on blacks & several of the orientals are "dark" as well. (I think that this mix could easily make a couple twin sized scrappy checkerboard quilts.) 

The current idea is that some of his stuff can go in that bin... (I am also going to get some "space bags" for under the crib.)

Speaking of space, does anyone get Fons & Porter's quilting magazine? There is an advertisement for some realistic space themed fabric... (In my mind, I am shopping for "boy" quilt stuff...   That space panel can be part of a back for one of my 4 planned I Spy quilts...)

If you want nickels/scraps & are willing to pay for the postage, leave me a comment &/or drop me an e-mail with your snail mail address - shipping next week or the first week in January.


Cathi said...

I would love the nickels or scraps and am definitely willing to pay for the postage -- if you're willing to send them up here to Canada, that is.

Have you seen the storage bags that one uses one's vacuum cleaner to get all the air out of? I'm told they're fabulous for storage and really do minimize bulk.

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

HI Amy
Me too- I would especially like the Pandolf ones as I am saving for a shabby chic quilt. Let me know if you still need a recipient.

Linda said...

Hi, you can add me to the list of recipients if you like! I can always use scraps!
Lurking Linda