Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cat resting on baby bottom

Cat resting on baby bottom
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Yes, that is my boy baby cat resting against my baby boy's bottom. (I was nursing & the girl cat was lower on my lap, so this was the only lap space available.)

BTW the yellow is his cloth diaper & we are so far keeping up with the washing of those diapers. Several friends have bets on how long we last on using them or how long until we purchase more...


JoAnna said...

I used cloth diapers for both of mine. very eco friendly and saves lots of money!

cindyquiltsOR said...

I used cloth diapers with all five of mine.

The fun part was using rose bud flannel with my youngest daughter ... her middle name is Rose.

And cowboy diapers for the boys.

Remind me: did you buy or make yours?

As always ... best wishes and enjoy the little man.

Paula said...

I used cloth diapers with my first three....the last child had so many health problems (born at 25 weeks and doing great now)I chose throw away diapers to cut down on stress!

So glad to hear you are nursing. So good for you and the baby!!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh, oh, oh Amy, this is so sweet. I love this photo.

Thrilled with Love, *karendianne.

Kay said...

V cute! Cloth diapers shouldn't be that hard, except don't they mean more changes? Those high tech disposable diapers seem to require little attention, except in case of bad smells. :)

Libby said...

We used cloth diapers - out of economic necessity. Still, I'm glad I did. Once you get a rhythm of washing, it's no big deal.

Ruth's Place said...

So cute!

14 months later, we are still using cloth, but have switched to disposible for night time (she pees too much now)