Friday, November 14, 2008


(To protect the innocent, I am changing the photo - hope my little girl doesn't mind...)

I wasn't expecting a package today... But there was a big box at my door.

It must be a present for the kitten - or for my big girl cat!
(The box behind it is her Rx Cat Food...)

We'll all have to wait until after Thanksgiving to see what the box holds.

Oh yeah, at today's OB appt. By delivery got moved up to November 26.
(Nothing serious - just works better on quite a few schedules. & since it is being scheduled, i might as well be a bit convenient. The same caveat is in place - If the baby turns, we go back to plan A - Au Naturale.)


Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh wow. Okay. November 26th. Mental note.

Jeanne said...

Eeeeek -- the 26th!!! That's only 12 days away. We're all counting down with you :)

Suzan said...

Such big news! Excited or getting a little freaked? How did the doula meeting go? (I am so nosey!!)

julieQ said...

Wow, that is just right around the corner, and you will receive the biggest and bestest present ever!! so Exciting!!