Monday, November 03, 2008

Honestly... (quilty link at the end - includes a give away)

I got 2 baby quilts back from the long armer.... I forgot to take photographs of them. (Honestly, I was watching On Demand movies yesterday while the sun was out...)

My GF got sick, so I culled without her. (Honestly, I could have & should have done more, but I did cull 3 paper grocery sacks full - I remember using a lot of the fabrics, so it is not like I am getting rid of stuff that I never used.- Just never used up.)

I made a bean stew. (Honestly, I thought that I would be feeding some of it to someone so I let it simmer for too long & it got a bit burnt & the beans a very mushy...)

Honestly, how can my cats be so cute one minute & pure hell on wheels the next? The gal who will be dispensing food while I am laboring away came over to learn the ropes yesterday... RB was acting like a complete knuckle head, he did not want to cooperate. I hope that when he realizes that she is only coming twice a day (as opposed to mommy who will feed him when ever he asks for cat food) he will straighten up and go to the kitty carrier for his food. At least we have some hypoallergenic "Kitty Candy" to help convince him... (Bribery...)

Daylight Savings time happened. (Honestly, I had NO IDEA! My first clue was happened when I looked at the clock in my car this morning. I guess my husband made all of the changes or they happened automatically around the house. I seriously had NO IDEA!)

Tomorrow is Election Day. I honestly don't care who you vote for or why... (I have heard all kinds of reasons that would make your head spin, that's o.k. as long as they vote. I wish voting were compulsory...)

Take a look at this non-partisan "VOTE" quilt & enter to win some of the fabrics in that quilt.


Ruth's Place said...

What a fun post!

Catherine said...

Good grief! You were certainly busy this weekend!!
Do you leave dry food out for the kitties?

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Honestly, I totally enjoyed this post. The quilt was great - thanks for sharing. And honestly, I've burnt the beans, too. More than once.

Honest to Goodness Love, *karendianne who has no answers about the dern cats!

andsewitis Holly said...

My once indoor, then outdoor, now has himself wrapped around my little finger spoiled kitty pooped on the carpet today - a present for when I got home for work. Honestly, I can't wait till we are pet free!