Friday, November 14, 2008


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A quilt from the local quilt show that I attended last weekend.

I would not be suprised if this one got the viewer's choice award based upon all that I heard while I was trying to get this photo.

Yesterday Bloglines went a bit crazy - did anyone else notice? This morning I had 1000's of "new" posts to read... Luckily a lot of them were repeats - many from the beginning of blogging. :o)

My eye appointment went well last night, I need to exercise my eyes... & I have a slight prescription... (Hubby too, except that he does not need to do the exercises.)

Then we went and had out car seat professionally installed. :o)
(No hospital bag packed yet, but the car seat is installed.)

I have an OB appointment in a couple hours - other than that not much is going on... (Well work, but that is mostly busy work, because I have a "hurry up & wait" kind of job & as always I am on the waiting end of the stick.)

No sewing last night, but I knew that based upon all of the appointments. Hopefully I will do some sewing tonight once my Cincinatti Chili is simmering away.

cat story...

I have "pregnancy insomnia." So I got up early, took my shower, fed the cats, ate my breakfast, gave the cats some kitty candy, got dressed, & then found out that it was about 5:20 a.m., I leave for work at 6. So I sat down to some "Cash in the Attic" on BBC America. My boy baby cat right away hopped up onto my lap. (insert some nonsense) at about 5:45 I dozed off... Luckily at 6, BBC America News comes on so the change in music woke me up. I lifted the cat off of my lap - he scooted right back on to my lap before I could extricate myself from the couch. AWWWWWWW. I was finally able to get up & placed him in the spot that I had warmed up for him & he settled in for a longer nap. Meanwhile as I am gatherin my lunch, snacks, & water for the day, my girl jumps up for some kitty petting...
So sad how I was not able to give her the petting that she was "needing."

Move this scenario to the afternoon & you will know why I am not sewing... (But in the afternoon you can add some begging while I am cooking.)


Quiltdivajulie said...

Yes, Bloglines DID have some major problems yesterday (most everyone on my list had 200 new posts!).

Your kitties sound like my Angel ~ it's all about them! Gotta love that purring though ~ best blood pressure relief there is.

martha said...

Yep Blogs were crazy yesterday~
cute kitties...pack that bag. My babies were all three weeks early:)ya never know~

Mary said...

the pregnancy insomnia was the worst. I found myself up at 4 am cleaning the oven several days. That was fine as we were moving into a house shortly. But the last week I found myself unable to stay awake. My husband didnt' understand the long afternoon naps and lack of unacking boxes in the new house. AAAH well. it is all worth it when you bring the little monkey home. And my little monkeys are 30 and 31 so I have hindsight.

Rian said...

The blogs went wacko for me too.

Tanya said...

I noticed the blogglines blip yesterday too. I about flipped when I saw how "behind" I'd gotten!