Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The most unrealistic for me use or red idea just popped into my head...

Applecore charm quilt.

HA! Me fiddle with curves... Not in this lifetime, not with my list of UFO's

BUT, that would be a great way to use a collection of reds... or greens, or yellows, or a combination of the 3!

Fell free to run with it!

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Mary said...

I love applecore quilts and will definitely make one in my lifetime (don't know how big it will be...but I will make one).

I've debated all methods, machine piecing (I do have that curved piecing foot I've never used), hand pieced (in my spare time??), I've even seen a really, cute applique version.

Of course, if I come across one like I did the vintage Grandmother's Flower Garden, I might just buy it instead!