Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another quilt & an I forgot

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What a great way to use buttons... (I feel like I am missing out because I don't have a button jar...)

What did I forget?

If you can believe it, I forgot that I woke up this morning at like 3:30 with the worst heartburn - only to find that our electricity was "out." (Our lights dim & some things don't work - luckily we don't go completely black - most of the time.)

So after my shower, breakfast & luch prep. I could not watch TV... I also could not sew due to the light & the fact that we had 10 kitchen cabinets in the living room where my sewing mching would have been.

I got dressed & went to work. BUT - I brought my applique project. Who knew that I could applique 2 blocks in 1.5 hours?
I was sleepy by the time I was done, but then it was time to report anyway...
(My supervisor is away, so this has been a quiet week so far.)

In case anyone missed that, I worked on a UFO Applique project!


paula, the quilter said...

That is a GOOD thing! I'm waiting with bated breath for news on the bump. Keeping my fingers crossed that baby turns for you.

Teresa said...

What a bad way to start the day - but it ended up good. I hope you are feeling great and that they baby coorperates and turns for you.