Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hello, my name is Jacob Henry.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

baby boy
born at 1:22 p.m. EST
7 lbs. 13 oz.
19.75 inches long
mom & baby are doing fine.

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Newly completed quilt

Newly completed quilt
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

I leave for the hospital in 1 hour, but I wanted to share this newly completed quilt first. As you can see my little boy decided that he needed to inspect it first... It is the RR X-ing quilt that I made for my father. I am sure that it doesn't show well in this photograph, but the quilting is so cool... Especially in the light 4 patches.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What do they say...

about needing another hole in your head. (Not the manic piercers, mind you...)

Well, I joined Jackie's Black & White quilt challenge project.

Yes, I am having a baby tomorrow.
Yes, I do have UFO's, WIP's, & Kits out the wazoo.

BUT I also have a ____ load of black & white prints that I have barely done 1 thing with. That 1 thing - the black & white cats made it into my cat charm quilts.

I obviously love black & white quilts. I fawn over them on blogs, on flickr, and at quilt shows... I was unable to even consider culling any (yet).

Anyway the challenge last a full year & I plan on doing something "simple & doable." I blogged that quilt here after the quilt show too.

This morning during my bout of insomnia/heartburn/rib pains, I was going to photograph my black & white pile, but...

Yes, I am at work. No, I have not packed my bag yet. :o)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby Update & another quilty baby gifty

I wasn't going to open this one either, but when you open one - you can't stop - kinda like potato chips - or french fries in my case - because that is the food du jour for my baby...

Isn't it cute - some of those go with fabrics are absolutely terrific!
Here are a couple close-ups:
DSC05740.JPG From the front...
DSC05741.JPG From the back...

Have you see those kitties on t-shirts - I have, so much fun.

BettyJ in OK (no blog) sent this gift for the babe & I kept it upopened for a very long time... Restraint - something I am not normally know for...

The baby is still in a breech position, so as of right now we are still on for Wednesday. I got to see the baby breathing - that was fun... & I got to see the feet that were kicking up a storm yesterday while I was trying to read the pregnancy books that I had so far ignored... (I figured that the doctor was monitoring all of the stuff inside, but that I might want to read up on what to do when I have the baby...)

The doctor will check one more time before we go into the operating room to make sure nothing has changed. He said that he did not want to get in there & find the head in my pelvis asking himself, "What am I doing in here?" This baby hasn't moved that much yet, so I am not holding my breath...

gifty for the babe

This post could also be titled some people sure can keep a secret...

According to Ms. Jan, the box arrived in record time. I waited to open it - I had grandiose plans to wait until the baby arrived, but I opened it early just in case it would "need" to be washed.

(Yes, we are washing everything before the baby has a chance to get it dirty. Yes, we live with 2 cats, so the whole concept could be an oxymoron with all of their cat fur floating around...)

All of the contributors can be found on the sidebar - Round Robin Quilters. 15 people whose blogs I check as often as they post (Thank you blog lines) were able to keep this a secret. We have a yahoo group too... I am still in shock over the suprise...

The best part - I no longer have to fell guilty about abandoning my 30's baby quilt. :o) The second best part - all of the 30's kitties!

Without further ado - Gift quilt for the baby:
baby gift quilt
& the label (Whats not to like about that one!)
baby gift quilt label
I love the use of the yellows & greens so the touches of pink & blue do not make it say boy or girl. :o) More photos can be seen on Beth's blog.

38 weeks

38 weeks
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

Since it is Monday, can I say that I only have 2 days to go?

Please assure me that the heartburn will go away... I am on an Rx for heartburn, but it is not working. (I am going to whine about it.)

Ahhh well, my co-workers held a shower for me on Friday. I got a couple gift cards to Target.

Why can't you leave Target without spending $100 (more like $200 on this trip...)? $30 in kitty litter - but....

Quilty photos later...

Friday, November 21, 2008

the simplest/quickest soup ever - t-minus 5 days to go!

So last night (yesterday afternoon) I sat on the couch thinking about a couple things.
1. If the cats did not look so comfy, I would sew some of those strips onto the those blocks...
2. If the cats did not look so comfy, I would run to the store to get some mushrooms.
3. If the cats did not look so comfy, I would start dinner.

Then I remembered (with a little help from the new kitchen cabinets) that I had a box of Imagine brand portobello mushroom soup (I was thinking that it might work in a recipe that called for cream of mushroom - it wouldn't it so does not have that gloppy consistency). I also made the initial purchase because it was dairy free.

Since it is dairy free (& I think gluten free) I was able to make chicken muchroom soup! (Remember the mushrooma above - back then I was gung-ho & thinking about home made cream of mushroom soup - at probably 100 times the calories.)

The night before, I roasted a chicken. (Roast it one day, eat is for several - works for me!)
My roasting method: Pre-heat the oven to 425 F, rinse the chicken & pat it dry, chop up potatoes, carrots, onion & a lemon, place the potaotes, carrots, & onion on the bottom of your roasting pan. stuff the bird with the cup up lemon, place the bird onto the vegetables. oil the bird & pepper it (You could use butter &/or salt at this time, I use pre-brined kosher birds, so I don't.) bake it for 1.5 hours...

So my "recipe"
empty the box of soup into a sauce pan.
chop up one chicken breast (you could do more)
heat through & serve!

I used the leftover chicken in a new (& exciting) way... I used a box of soup that was in the pantry! It took about 5 minutes total! All are good things in my book.

BTW That soup is pretty tasty & I make a lot of soups from scratch.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The last one or 6 days to go

Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

This will probably be the last quilt that I share for the quilt show that I attended last weekend. Back story to this one. The quilter's husband who made this quilt works with my husband - they comiserate over going to quilt shows...

I told my husband to tell her husband that this would make a great gift for our first baby...

(I'm not holding my breath.)

6 days to go - or its Thursday or I made it past my last "hump day" at work for a while. & boy was that hump day a doozie! I was busier than a 1 armed paper hanger! I was the only one in the office for long stretches of time, so I had to answer the phones, answer the door, do my work, keep the computer occupied, etc. (I know it could be a lot worse & "just you wait til you are home alone with that baby.")

Back to work...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yet another - & The last week of pregnancy has begun

DSC05678.JPG Here is another quilt from the quilt show that I attended last weekend. I like everything about this quilt & I am so not a chicken person - except when it is time to eat! (I am going to roast a chicken tonight - since the extra kitchen cabinets got installed yesterday! YIPPEE!)
DSC05679.JPG Can you see the hand quilting? The hand applique, the perfect fabric choices? The gradiated inner border? The scrappy background? The only thing missing is a worm or some chicken feed...

The sender of the "box" for a couple days ago wants me to open it already... So I will do that "soon." :o)

I have also decided to pack my bag on Tuesday - the day before the delivery. Does that officially make me a procrastinator?

Any advice on what to bring & what not to bring is 100% welcome. (While the cats love to get into the suitcase, they would probably not like the hospital...)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another quilt & an I forgot

Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

What a great way to use buttons... (I feel like I am missing out because I don't have a button jar...)

What did I forget?

If you can believe it, I forgot that I woke up this morning at like 3:30 with the worst heartburn - only to find that our electricity was "out." (Our lights dim & some things don't work - luckily we don't go completely black - most of the time.)

So after my shower, breakfast & luch prep. I could not watch TV... I also could not sew due to the light & the fact that we had 10 kitchen cabinets in the living room where my sewing mching would have been.

I got dressed & went to work. BUT - I brought my applique project. Who knew that I could applique 2 blocks in 1.5 hours?
I was sleepy by the time I was done, but then it was time to report anyway...
(My supervisor is away, so this has been a quiet week so far.)

In case anyone missed that, I worked on a UFO Applique project!

This and that - 8 days to go

Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

I was going to blog earlier, but I had an OB appt scheduled, so I decided to wait...

This quilt was hanging at the show that I went to last weekend. I think that it is my favorite.

The baby is still in a breech position. The measurements & heartbeat are fine. So we are still on for 11/26/08 at noon.

My heartburn is back - with a vengance! & I have sore muscles between my lower ribs.

The cabinets were delivered yesterday & the installer has been at my house all day. I hope that the cats are not offering too much help...

Monday, November 17, 2008

9 days & counting

Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

My big fluffy girl... (Who is in reality only 7 lbs. & has short fur.)
She must be the reason why I love Taupes so much....

I cut some of my taupe scraps yesterday for the snow ball quilt! YAY!
I also gave away 2 bags full of my culled fabrics & I did not feel one bit of remorse about it. :o)

Also on tap yesterday... I had breakfast with a friend who I don't see near enough...

I met with the Birth companion - just in case... & She may be of some assistance post partum & sounds like a good person to have with my during a c-section, but only one person can be in the operating room with me & that has to be my husband - although the borth companion explaining what is going on instead of my husband asking questions & "being funny" sounds better...

& my father was in town for a brief visit, so I stopped in for a few hours to show off the bump. :o)

Saturday was a blur too - All I remember is going to a big box lumber yard to get drawer pulls for the kitchen cabinets that are being delivered today. - 44 pulls, any guesses on the cost? I was shocked...

We also went to a big box bookstore & got more books for the baby & some planners - so that I can track "output."

Barring any turning (The head is still in my rib cage) we are "on" for November 26, 2008. Which by the way moves us up one Torah Portion for the baby names. Now I get to study about Esau giving away his birth right for a pot of lentils...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Story below...

Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

(I can't figure out how to cut & paste into blogger on my MAC - so I post from flickr...)


(To protect the innocent, I am changing the photo - hope my little girl doesn't mind...)

I wasn't expecting a package today... But there was a big box at my door.

It must be a present for the kitten - or for my big girl cat!
(The box behind it is her Rx Cat Food...)

We'll all have to wait until after Thanksgiving to see what the box holds.

Oh yeah, at today's OB appt. By delivery got moved up to November 26.
(Nothing serious - just works better on quite a few schedules. & since it is being scheduled, i might as well be a bit convenient. The same caveat is in place - If the baby turns, we go back to plan A - Au Naturale.)

Another quilt & random stuff


I liked a lot of things about this quilt - as you can probably tell. Except that it was hung to high...
I like the scrappy binding. I like the mix of machine & hand embellishments. I like the insects. I like the use of the Kaffe Fassett fabric. I like that it is mostly monochromatic. (I even like the baby poo yellow color choice.) I like that each panel is similar but different...

Does anyone else like it?

Many thanks to all of the people that I have asked about snow ball quilts... (Libby & Rachel - specifically off the top of my head.) After e-mailing Libby, I finally conceded that I need to measure my big squares (again). You see, I got some taupe charms :o) that I thought were 6 inches... But the edges are pinked... After pulling out my ruler this morning, I will be trimming them down to 5 inches... (They are about 5.5, but the edges are pinked & while I don't do "wonky" I am not always the most careful sewer, so I don't need the extra drama afforded by pinked edges..)
BTW this is the quilt that I hope to recreate...

One more other random item...

So I live rather close to Washington DC. So I will be off from work on Inauguration Day. (Without questioning the fact that I will have an infant at that time - this is pure speculation) Should I go to the Inauguration?
I've never even considered it before...
I know the answer is, "NO." But I am still asking the question, mainly because so may people are travelling from so far to attend...
In general, my answer would probably be no, I don't care so much for the crowds... Not to mention that the weather in mid-January is usually less than "nice."
But, this question has been rattling around in my brain for a while...
It seem like one of those things that I should do... (Not unlike, I should go see the DAR quilts in person, I should go to the top of the Washington Monument, I should walk across the Bay bridge, etc.)


Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

A quilt from the local quilt show that I attended last weekend.

I would not be suprised if this one got the viewer's choice award based upon all that I heard while I was trying to get this photo.

Yesterday Bloglines went a bit crazy - did anyone else notice? This morning I had 1000's of "new" posts to read... Luckily a lot of them were repeats - many from the beginning of blogging. :o)

My eye appointment went well last night, I need to exercise my eyes... & I have a slight prescription... (Hubby too, except that he does not need to do the exercises.)

Then we went and had out car seat professionally installed. :o)
(No hospital bag packed yet, but the car seat is installed.)

I have an OB appointment in a couple hours - other than that not much is going on... (Well work, but that is mostly busy work, because I have a "hurry up & wait" kind of job & as always I am on the waiting end of the stick.)

No sewing last night, but I knew that based upon all of the appointments. Hopefully I will do some sewing tonight once my Cincinatti Chili is simmering away.

cat story...

I have "pregnancy insomnia." So I got up early, took my shower, fed the cats, ate my breakfast, gave the cats some kitty candy, got dressed, & then found out that it was about 5:20 a.m., I leave for work at 6. So I sat down to some "Cash in the Attic" on BBC America. My boy baby cat right away hopped up onto my lap. (insert some nonsense) at about 5:45 I dozed off... Luckily at 6, BBC America News comes on so the change in music woke me up. I lifted the cat off of my lap - he scooted right back on to my lap before I could extricate myself from the couch. AWWWWWWW. I was finally able to get up & placed him in the spot that I had warmed up for him & he settled in for a longer nap. Meanwhile as I am gatherin my lunch, snacks, & water for the day, my girl jumps up for some kitty petting...
So sad how I was not able to give her the petting that she was "needing."

Move this scenario to the afternoon & you will know why I am not sewing... (But in the afternoon you can add some begging while I am cooking.)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

36 weeks

36 weeks
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

The last of the baby bump photos from last weeks photo session...

Besides cook some Cincinatti Chili for dinner last night, I managed to do ZILCH.

Which is why my grandios plans are truely amazing... :o)

I really need to jump into my "Finish By Thanksgiving" project, so that it is not hanging over my head once the baby is born. (It is a gift for someone that should have been done - a while ago...) I finally cut the last units, so I just need to feed them through the sewing machine...

Did you see that "just." HA! HA! HA! Seems like not that big of a deal, but...

Since we have eye doctor appointments & a car seat installation appointment tonight, I won't even think about working on it tonight... :o) But I hope to do some on Friday night & Saturday - especially since my GF will be visiting on Sunday - I really want to at least be able to show her a pile of completed blocks....

Oh & Sunday - when did you turn out to be such a busy day? Meet with GF for breakfast, meet the doula at noon, got to my mini-group - at least long enough to drop off Thank You notes & Holiday gifts, go on to the Grandparents house to see my dad who just happens to be in town this weekend from Houston. Leave the Baltimore area by 7 at the latest, since I have to work on Monday.

Does that sould like a lot for 1 day to you? It sure does to me...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stop looking at me!

Stop looking at me!
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

As a continuation of the story from the previous post...

It gets harder when the two are involved, but you can see how they are off to the edge.

He is not as nice about waiting for the attention. he will move right into the middle of what you are working on...

This is pretty much how we spent the day yesterday. Except that I was trimming my "cut the ragged edge piece bigger & trim later" pieces down to 2.5 inches wide. Now to trim them all down to 18 inches long.

The eventual plan - besides lightening the fabirc load - is to have something that I can quickly & easily feed through the sewing machine while the baby is sleeping & I am not also zonked out...

I also have a Taupe snowball that will also land in the all cut out & ready to sew category (I purchased a couple charm packs, so I only have to cut the small squares for the stich & flip method) - heck while I am feeling ambitious, I have an Autumnal UFO that fits that category too! & the applique project, & the English Paper Piecing project...

Yeah, I know how much of that will actually get done - but it is nice to have a plan & I accomplished a lot while on Finn's finishing plan!

How do you cut fabric with a big helper kitty?

How do you cut fabric with a big helper kitty?
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

I am nto sure, but we finally came to an agreement - she moved to the side...

But she is convinced that the pets were better & more frequent in the middle.

When I sat down to rest in between cutting, she would hop over for the good attention.

This is also why I use the rotary cutter that closes automatically!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why is your belly moving?

Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

Maybe because I have 7 lbs. of kitty body heat on top of it....

Why aren't you done yet Mommy? Well I guess that is because I watch too much "Dr. Who" & he changed my gestation from 40 weeks to 40 months! I can't imagine how my mood will progress...

It's a holiday for quite a few of us... Veteran's day in the US. Armistice Day in the UK. Remembrance Day in NZ? Are you off from work? I am actually surprised at how many people are working today... Although the total days off for my husband & I are equal as he gets the day after Thanksgiving & the day before Christmas to make up for Veteran's day & Columbus Day.

Any quilting going on? I hope to get back at the reds.... & maybe even some other piles....

Monday, November 10, 2008

36 weeks

36 months
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

"Show or don't show" that has been running through my head since I cropped the heck out of this photo last night. (You welcome.)

I have seen this image on a skinny girl for some kind of tummy sicky advert. As soon as I saw it (several years ago, the first time) I knew that I would do it with my baby bump.

That baby is an alarm clock by the way... You see I am on a "special" diet & I stick to it 80% of the time. (I've had quite a bit of pizza recently & that is not on my diet, oh well. I'll fess up to the Trader Joe's cookies too... Very much not on my diet.) On the diet in the morning I have 2 snacks that consist of a protein & a starch (1 "light" string cheese - 1 oz. & 4 crackers - I go with Melba Rounds) these snacks occur at 8:30 & 10:30. At both of those times this morning, I was feeling some punching... I guess the baby is saying, "Feed me, Seymore, ahem Mommy."

Now I have 3 "au naturale" alarm clocks, one in my belly & two covered with fur!


Wanda's post made me think of these two quilts from this weekends quilt show...



The same fabrics (mostly) in a different arrangement... (All of the fabrics are the same - a stripe, the piecing kept them on the horizontal, just different colorways.)

While I am very comfy with rainbow quilts & have actually made a few, right now I am so digging monochromatic!

Take a look at my rainbow log cabin:
DSC01387 This quilt went together too easily... I cut all of the strips, sewed the 2 patches together, took the whole kitten caboodle to work, pinned the next log to the 2 patch, trimmed it with the "work scissors", took them home, sewed them together, pressed them & repeated until my blocks were done. I think I had this pieced top done in a week!

& a couple of those monochromatic quilts...
Violet Crumble front
zipper front

I am only mentioning these now, because I was able to cull purple & green rather easily since I had these two quilts completed...

Now that I have cut for the red on white & red quilt, quite a few of those reds were easy to cull as well.

But I am pondering the other red quilt - do I "need/want" 2 red quilts?


Mary asked if we have turned on our heat yet. My condominium is hooked up to a boiler, so our heat/air switch when the "powers that be" decide to switch them. (Luckily not too early this year.) Our condo fees remain constant no matter what temp. we set them too in either season, so our heat has been on for a while. I am not sure the temp., I let Michael make those decisions. Although I feel like I have turned into a mini furnace... The other day he got up to adjust the heat - to warmer, I was already stiffling hot...

(The boiler controls our hot water too... The condo fees cover everything but cable/phone/internet.)

These two will also help to keep me warm, especially while I am relaxing.
RB with mommy
Rhapsody with Mommy

& As you could tell from the previous photo the baby will not be lacking in quilts - nor am I... I get attached to them... For a gift, I pretty much have to start from scratch...

Pile o' baby quilts & rec. blankets

Pile o' baby quilts & rec. blankets
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

You have to start somewhere, right? This is the pile of quilts that I mentioned yesterday.

We might have that part covered (Ha! Ha! Ha! Covered...) ya think?

The minky blanket & "quilt" are so fluffy...

You can also see in this shot a yellow knit blanket that was Michael's as a baby & the plaid blanet was supposedly mine... (As was the cross stitched Bambi blanket.)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Advice needed...

Originally uploaded by DLQuilts

How would you cut your fabrics for this quilt? (I am not cutting & sewing as I go...)

Would you start with a block size? (12 inches)
Would you then pull 3-5 pieces of fabric to make a block out of... (varying widths so that you can get up to 12+ inches)

I am probably dealing with mostly fat quarters, so I doubt that "cut of a width of the fabric" will work...

Although I do believe that I have a GREAT mix of fabrics from light red, to burgundy. I tried to avoid aggressive pieces that did not feel monochromatic, like bold prints.

I don't have "big" issues with piecing the logs - or with inserting other bits to make the logs big enough...

Any other ideas?

I've cut the 2.5 (some times bigger, because I did not clean the edge as I went - thinking that I can do that later - since I need to press most of them anyway.) inch strips for the red quilt that uses red on whites in addition to the monochromatic reds.

Oh my gosh, this has never happened to me before!
Yesterday morning, I cut my red on white prints since that was the smaller pile. I ended up with 156 strips (about 4 from each print). I guess since I purposely tried to get about 4 from each strip, I ended up with a number that is evenly divisible by 4 (There is a math-y word for that, but it is not in my brain right now...), better yet, since I cut them at 2.5 inch widths, I will end up at about 78 inches in length - which is right about where I wanted to be!

I usually start cutting & over cut or under cut, I am never right on!

Oh well, off to cut the reds & red on blacks - but I better count how many are in my cut pile first - because I definitely will not need 4 of each from them.

I went to the local quilt show yesterday, it was nice, I will share as soon as I upload the photos.

We also washed all of the baby stuff yesterday, so I at least have a picture of a pile of quilts to share from that experience.

Oh & since there was a request, there may be baby bump photo or two to share as well.

Friday, November 07, 2008


Thanks for all of the advice, rest assured that I am getting a lot of rest. (I was asleep before 9 last night.) After work (which is a desk job & not terribly taxing) I did a grand total of just about nothing. (I heated up some soup for dinner & fed some starving kitties.)

I plan on working up to the delivery, so that I can take more time after the baby arrives. The only possible obstacle in my way at this point is the belly meeting the steering wheel...

One good thing about having a date is that we can once again look into baby names. The baby will be named using the initials of my husband's father who passed away several years ago. Which is quite limiting... So we will probably also name the baby after one of the people mentioned in the weekly reading of the Torah. The week that includes December 1 begins with Jacob's Ladder (Why didn't I make one of those quilts for my baby?), also during that reading, Jacob marries and has several children, so there are a lot of names to consider.

BTW When you use this logic for baby naming, you get a lot less guilt over not choosing X, Y, or Z instead... I'm just saying...

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Barring any changes, as in this baby moving into the proper birthing position or my going into natural labor, I will deliver on December 1st, which is a Monday...
& that Monday is not that far away... I hope to work right up to that day, excluding Veteran's (Armistace/Rememberance) Day & Thanksgiving. I am including the 29th of November - or at least most of it (I have a few hours of comp. time to use between now & then.)

More on RED!

So I decided to pull out my reds last night. (I had grandiose plans for cutting too....) To begin, the majority of pieces that you see are fat quarters or long quarters...
DSC05644.JPG Photo 1 (Who knew I would need to take two photographs?)
DSC05650.JPG Photo 2, the bottom 2 rows are all cat prints... (Did anyone doubt the number of cat prints that I have?)
DSC05649.JPG Helper 1 - love the lamp on the cutting table that I will have to get rid of soon... Those bookcases are supposed to be for the baby - hence the culling...
DSC05641.JPG Helper 2 - this spot was preferred to his preferred spot - on the crib. (My tent does not work at keeping them out....) Well we still need to wash the sheet anyway, right? & the quilts that are on the bed as well...

Bottom line, I think that I could do both the Zero Value log cabin with my redder fabrics & I could do the light & dark strippy quilt with the red on whites & other prints.

The cats have always been planned for a "Bonnie back" - Big squares cut & sewn back together.

The wonky blocks - are so not me...

Now to figure out how much to cut so I can mail off the rest to someone who asked for them... (The old addage is true - not that I can quote it or anything, but it goes something like, "If you don't ask....") I've already got some in the bag & I've already decided that some (aka the cats) will probably never make it into the bag, but a bunch will be used or culled real soon!

Baby Stuff

My appointment went well. I actually remembered to ask a lot of questions - YAY me.

Even though some happenings on & in my body were worrisome, they are also "normal."

The baby is still breech, but the baby's movements are & have been minimal - big time stretcher, not a squirmer/mover. Kicks a fair bit too...

So the "scheduler" will be calling me about scheduling a C-Section for the 39th week & we will be checking the position weekly to make sure that there isn't a turn to bring us back to an au naturale birth. (They will check right before the "C" as well.)

Here is one of the baby quilts that I forgot to photograph over the weekend.
Not the best photography location, but I had "put it off" long enough.
The Prints are all by Heather Ross & are very soft...
The back is also a Heather Ross print:
DSC05646.JPG Do you recignize the tadpoles & frogs?
Then you will "get" the next photo without an explanation.
Isn't he cute?

Here is the other quilt:
Rainbow Log Cabin I can't tell you how happy I am that I used that cat panel & that collection of rainbow prints! I am also quite pleased with the black & bright border that came out of my stash! (Many of those got culled this past weekend...)
Here is the back:
DSC05643.JPG That bright on white sure does stand out, huh?
If no one else recognizes these fabrics, Tanya should, I sent her the leftovers... Yes, that means that this collection went through the cull twice...
(I am thinking that the black & whites are more versitile... Who knows, there is no time for second guessing.)

Local Quilt Show this weekend in DC... :o)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Red Blocks

the beginnings of a new quilt
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Could I go wonky? On purpose?


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This might be closer to my collection... & I kinda like the simplicity of this arrangement... Each of these reds play so well with the others...


Monochrome Color Blocks by Karen Dixon
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This is my general thought... Although my collection has red on white (could read as white from a distance) and red on blacks in addition to the red red prints... Not to mention, the addition of other bits of color here & there... When I was buying I wanted the feel of red & the read of red not just red.


The most unrealistic for me use or red idea just popped into my head...

Applecore charm quilt.

HA! Me fiddle with curves... Not in this lifetime, not with my list of UFO's

BUT, that would be a great way to use a collection of reds... or greens, or yellows, or a combination of the 3!

Fell free to run with it!


Yesterday I asked about how to use my red & red stash. Last night before getting ready for the election results, I caught the end of an episode of Georgia Bonesteel's Lap Quilting show. She was traveling in Cajun Country. At the end of the episode, she showed 2 quilts, one was a 9-patch (The kind with a bigger center square) & the she showed how to rotary cut it (with her trusty grid at her side including the seam allowances). Many people suggested red & red 9-patches...

How do these numbers sound? (I did not grab my pen & paper quick enough.)

Start with two 10 inch squares stacked on top of each other. Using your rotart cutting ruler, measure over to 7.5 & cut, then bring the ruler back to 2.5 & cut again. Rotate the block (or cutting mat) and do the same two cuts again.

Not that I am 100% sure that this is the route that I am taking or not yet... The one she showed had sashing & corner stones & the quilt looked like it needed them... They would make me deviate from the red & red plan... & as of right now, I still want to stick to that plan.

Still soliciting ideas...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

red & red

I have a "___-load" "ton of" a lot of red prints.

Once upon a time ago, I was going to do a "copy" of Kaffe Fassett's red with chartreuse courthouse steps quilt. I am not so much grooving that idea any more.

Kay has a lovely red star quilt started... Love like I do, that is not where I want to go either...

But I am not sure exactly where I do want to go...

All I know is that I want my blocks to be red & red.

So I am soliciting ideas from you dear readers. You see if you say applique red hearts on to red bases, I can then cut a relatively small chunk of fabric off of my reds & cull the rest...

I just need to know (or hear some swell ideas) on what block to do...

(Nothing hard will be considered, so even thougth I love New York Beauty, I don't see myself doing it - ditto Mariner's Compass, etc.)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Honestly... (quilty link at the end - includes a give away)

I got 2 baby quilts back from the long armer.... I forgot to take photographs of them. (Honestly, I was watching On Demand movies yesterday while the sun was out...)

My GF got sick, so I culled without her. (Honestly, I could have & should have done more, but I did cull 3 paper grocery sacks full - I remember using a lot of the fabrics, so it is not like I am getting rid of stuff that I never used.- Just never used up.)

I made a bean stew. (Honestly, I thought that I would be feeding some of it to someone so I let it simmer for too long & it got a bit burnt & the beans a very mushy...)

Honestly, how can my cats be so cute one minute & pure hell on wheels the next? The gal who will be dispensing food while I am laboring away came over to learn the ropes yesterday... RB was acting like a complete knuckle head, he did not want to cooperate. I hope that when he realizes that she is only coming twice a day (as opposed to mommy who will feed him when ever he asks for cat food) he will straighten up and go to the kitty carrier for his food. At least we have some hypoallergenic "Kitty Candy" to help convince him... (Bribery...)

Daylight Savings time happened. (Honestly, I had NO IDEA! My first clue was happened when I looked at the clock in my car this morning. I guess my husband made all of the changes or they happened automatically around the house. I seriously had NO IDEA!)

Tomorrow is Election Day. I honestly don't care who you vote for or why... (I have heard all kinds of reasons that would make your head spin, that's o.k. as long as they vote. I wish voting were compulsory...)

Take a look at this non-partisan "VOTE" quilt & enter to win some of the fabrics in that quilt.