Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why I can't have scrunchies....

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They are awesome cat toys.... BTW This is Ms. I'm to big for playing, but she chased this scrunchie around for quite while.

She must have had a piece of wild fur up her tush!

Which would have been so much better than the hair ball that she woke me up with this morning.

At least my pink/blue blooming 9-patch is now washed & dried (& scrunchie in its own right) & while it was drier warm, it made a most excellent cat bed. (It is a good thing that they live in the Mid-Atlantic - any further North & they would be miserable from the cold.)

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Betty J in OKC said...

ietcoleMy cat Gabby likes to snuggle UNDER the blankets with me when it's cold!! I've sent out your pkg. It'll fit well among your cat=themed baby stuff. Oh, I forgot to let you know that my baby things usually end up twin-sized since babies don't stay 8 lbs for very long. ROFL!