Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Le Sigh

Well, I had a busy, but not really busy weekend... (I guess that just means that is was over real quickly!)

I finished a doll quilt for a swap & mailed it. I'll share a photo once I know it has arrived. It was kind of hard for me, her style included some designers that I had never heard of...
(That means that 5 out of 8 of my Finish by Thanksgiving projects are done.)

I worked on the yellow quilt. Let me just say that Minky is not the easiest thing to work with...
I would share photos, but I forgot to take them as I went & I had a class on breasfeeding last night, so there were no opportunitites for photography. I't will work in the end, just not "to" plan.

I also worked on the Faux Log Cabin, my albatross. Now I need to cut the last logs - I thought the whole thing was cut out when I set it aside - a long time ago - nope.... Luckily the fabrics are all still together.

I mentioned yesterday about going to JoAnns - I went in for bamboo batting, it was sold out. Now that I have worked on the Minky project - batting would have been over kill anyway.

Next to JoAnns is a Hard Times Cafe. Not sure if they are near you, but the vegeterian chili was really good & not too far off of my diet. (It had a normal portion instead of those bowls the size of your head size portions.)

After that we went to the Leesburg Outlets in Virginia - to "walk around." Somone failed to mention that little tidbit to my pocketbook. At least in the maternity shop, I stuck to the two things that I mentioned wanting to get as I walked in...

Not much else to report... My father will be in the area this coming weekend, not sure if he will make it to my neck of the woods or not though... (His parents are near Baltimore.) I'm gonna start cleaning/straightening/food preparation just in case.


Anonymous said...

Don't ya hate weekends like that... Feels like you get heas done, but NO sewing!! Urgh!!! heh heh...Lx P.S: I love the "cranky Lady" you use for the comments link... I'd like to use something like that on my blog!!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

You cracked me up with "bowl size portions as big as your head!"