Monday, October 20, 2008

Another quilt from the quilt show & an article on quilting

As you know I like to peruse Flickr. I also like to see other quilt shows/historic collections. Once upon a time ago, (excluding very early American History & quilt blocks named for battles, platforms, & people) I always pictured Political quilts as a product of the 1930's... This seemed to be a woman's voice in the political arena to me, or a way for a community to show support of a candidate.
Like this one & Lots of political/patriotic quilts here. Political/patriotic quilt history here.

Many quilts were shown at the 1933 World's Fair of a political nature, you can see two of them if you follow the links to the book available through Amazon at this site.

This Pennsylvania museum is supposed to have an exhibit on the subject, but I could not find the specific on theor website... This Dallas, Texas museum is also having an exhibit...

Interesting Crazy Quilts located here. Instead of the quilts being political, there were political reasons for the Judge to be separated from his wife...

Many subjects of a historical quilt perspective can be found here.

Where is she going with this?

One of the quilt that I saw at the quilt show was this one:
close-up of the "letters"

I have seen several other quilts on this same subject as of late. I don't remember seeing any quilt from the last 4 elections (since I have been paying attention to quilting).

Without regard to your political leanings, do you appreciate all of the links, or have I just wasted a lot of time, trying to give a full perspective (from my point of view) on a subject? (I could have just shown the quilt & been done with it...)


dee said...

The internet was closed at my house yesterday so I couldn't read, never mind comment.
I love when you take the time to add links and since I'm very open-minded, I like hearing all points of view and coming to my own conclusions. I sispect they are in line with yours. I still like to hear what others think and have to say even though that's not a popular thing right now. A friend of mine wrote an entry and was slammed with rude and stupid comments. We live in weird times Amy.

Miri said...

Thanks for sharing-I never thought of the '30s donkey quilt as a political quilt (duh!)