Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What I did & did not do over the long weekend

I did not go to the Harrisburg, Pa. quilt show.
I did not go to the Md. State fair.
I did not bug my father, who lives in Houston, & is probably being affected by the weather. (I know that was a crappy sentence - no I do not have another father who lives somewhere else...)
BTW If you have seen the guy on youtube who was praying for rain - KARMA! If you haven't sorry I don't have a link... & it was rather political in a not nice way...
I did pick up my CSA - same stuff different week.
I did bake 4 loaves of zucchini bread. (I may get tired of that...)
I did go into work for a few hours - so that today would not be super hectic.
I did go to a minor league baseball game - for a while.
I did pick up provisions at a big box store that shall remain nameless.
I did not trim scraps - for the very long term postage stamp quilt or for the Chinese Coins quilt.
I did cut strips for the blue & yellow log cabin - twice.
I did finish piecing the blue & yellow log cabin.
I did baste the blue & yellow log cabin.
I did get a lot of help from my big kitty helper.
I did not BBQ.
I did layout the RR X-ing rows & fixed an oops.
I did not cut the setting triangles for the RR X-ing quilt.
I did take some photographic evidence...
RB the helper:
RB heping with the Log Cabin quilt
Rhapsody, "You didn't want me to actually 'help' you?"
"I'll just wait to sit on your lap."
Log Cabin quilt The Blue & Yellow log cabin top. I was going to use a different fabric for the border - yellow stars instead of the light blue stars - but it looked super blotchy. I was also going to add a narrow inner border of yellow - but I like how the final blue row in the log cabin blocks make a scrappy inner border... I am using yellow for the binding. This quilt came completely out of my stash. However, this is not one of those "stash quilts" where I purchased the fabric for "X" quilt, but did not get around to piecing it until way later... I am very guilty of that. My general idea of a "stash" quilt means that I did not buy a kit or run to the store that week to get the fabrics for this quilt.
Here is RB under that quilt after I basted it. (Since Tanya & Cathi have been showing the opposite scene - cat weight on top of the quilt.)
RB the big helper kitty
& the RR X-ing quilt:
Railroad Crossing Quilt The oops in the middle on the bottom has been fixed. Good thing I decided to lay this out yesterday...


Rose Marie said...

Love your log cabin layout - very different and you are using my favourite colours.

Shasta said...

The log cabin looks great. The colors (and the logs) are very similar to the one in the swap quilt I received.

Ravenhill said...

Your log cabin top is so gorgeous!!!

Tanya said...

I can't believe you got that log cabin quilt done so fast! I thought you were still showing a picture from the book or something! Looks fantastic!

dee said...

The log Cabin looks very pretty but that RRCrossing is fabulous. I just love that pattern. My husband collects antique toy trains and it's been on my list to make one for him. Guess I should get to it. You do more in a weekend than I do in a month. Go girl!

Frogdancer said...

That log cabin is spectacular. I want to make one. (So many quilts... so little time...)