Monday, September 15, 2008

Squash & September is Quilt Month

I mentioned earlier that we got Acorn Squash in our CSA. I can admit it, I like squash. So does one of my favorite fabric designers. Here is her recipe. My husband did the cut in half & bake forever version - which wasn't all bad as we needed to reheat our chicken as well. Two recipes - one oven cycle.

Mr. Monkeysuit is doing Simple & Dense for quilt month... Here is my take on that subject.

A. of all of the quilts that I love & flickr & there are a ton! I like the ones that could easily be classified as Simple. Log cabins that don't care about value. The use of solids - especially white. Coin quilts. Quilts that are mostly 1 piece of fabric with simple appliques or piecing as accents.

What have I done that I think fits this theme?
I think that Plain Spoken (Pattern by Ringle & Kerr) fits this theme to a "T"
Plain Spoken
Another that used solids:
Hop Skip & Jump Hop, Skip, & Jump - pattern by Denyse Schmidt. (I have quite a few of her patterns kitted up...)

I have a long way to go before this is my "look." I guess that I am working through some of my older ideas first... I need to take my hobby less seriously - hard for some people to believe...


Karen Dianne Lee said...

"...hard for some people to believe."

Okay that got a giggle outta me!

*karendianne./ Living Life at LeeHaven

jacquie said...

i like simple too...beautiful plain spoken.