Friday, September 19, 2008

September is Quilt Month

flannel scraps
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So Mr. Monkeysuit is talking about scraps...

(Sorry no links & only one photo - I am blogging from flickr.)

I can show you my scrappy quilts all day!

This is a prime example. It is 100% flannel! My GF & I were at a local quitl show & we saw a rag quilt that only used black & whites on the front & colors on the back so that when you ragged it, you saw bits of color on the front. (My rag quilt lives on the sofa! Generally uinder a cat...)
These are "Our" scraps. (I did one of these previously, but I gave that to my cousin for her baby)

This one is now in the nursery awaiting my prescious arrival.

(I tried to give it away a few times, but I LOVE the Laurel Burch cat print that is on the back...)


Betty J in OKC said...

I wish I could click on your photos and biggify (?) them. I'd love to see more detail. O2b

Carin said...

love the bright colors the kitten will too.

Teresa said...

That Isotaupe quilt is beautiful. I think random placement is always good!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I love scrappy quilts!They are the best.

Carole said...

Scrappy and bright! Lovely!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Just caught up on your blog.Love the isatoupe quilt. It is gorgeous. I so would like to make one like it.

Karen said...

I love the flannel quilt. Thanks for another idea to use the extra pieces of flannel that I have.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh I really like this. It's such a happy quilt!!!


*karendianne./ Living Life at LeeHaven