Friday, September 12, 2008

September is Quilt Month

So today I will share a quilt from one of my first "classes." (I have previously stated that my first class was with Karen Kay Buckley - I was sub-novice in a class that was for "I have at least tried my hand at appliquers." & that project - long gone!)

This class was taught at a sew-n-vac shop that also sold fabric. I bought all of my fabrics at that shop for this quilt - with a good amount of help.
trip around the world
This class was taught the old fashioned way - where you have piles of squares...
I still messed this up a couple times before getting it right.

I showed this at a quilt guild quilt show, someone offerered to purchase it, but I never followed up on that. Which is probably a good think since this quilt was hung as wall art in the first condo that I "owned."

From this quilt, I made this one:
washing bowl & Trip around the world
using the same technique. I put these fabrics together & was going for an underwater look. I was going to applique fishies on to it - but after all of the work that went into piecing it, I trashed that idea. The fish are on the back.
That border - is a single piece of fabric that I found AFTER I pieced the quilt. it is so perfect for this quilt, from a distance it looks like scraps.

The quilt hangs in my dining room.

Since this is turning into a Trip Around the World Lovefest, I made this one using the strip piecing method.
Trip Around the World quilt
I pulled the fabrics for the piecing from the colors that in in those Tokyo Tabbies. I once thought that there is too much rust - I needed 24 pieces & settled for more in that color because they were available & they "worked." It has been hanging behind my couch for some time now & has grown on me... (I am about to swap it out... But I need to pick-up the new quilt from the long armer & do the binding...)


Exuberant Color said...

that is one of my favorite patterns and I have probably made 2 dozen of them and will most likely make more. In fact I think I have a border fabric that I need to work a quilt into.

Finn said...

Hey Amy, I love your many trips around the globe! Have to say I really, really like the one with rust alot! I'm happy that you never actually sold any of them. I'm sure your home would have been the poorer for their loss.
Sorry to hear about the possible Ike impact, hope that all works out ok. Hugs, Finn

Tanya said...

Your Around the World quilts are wonderful. I love the rust colored one! I have SAID that I'm going to make this quilt someday but haven't yet. (Well, some large block prayer and square quilts qualify I guess.)

Greenmare said...

wow you sure did try out your around the world color variations! Are you tired of that pattern yet? I did it in two different looks for two very different baby quilts. one was bright rainbows and one was very pastel pink and blue, and I loved them both.

Maya said...

Hey there,
One of the Ima-shalom bloggers following up on your comment on our post: some of us live in DC, and some in other places. Love your quilts--my mother quilted, but stopped just before my daughter was born, and we are anxiously waiting for her to start up again. My entire family is in the Houston area, so I was on pins and needles right there with you.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

OH what fun! I love these and appreciate you showing them off for us all to see.

I like the idea of the fishies but I can totally see why you trashed that idea. And it worked!

Trippin' with Love, *karendianne./ Living Life at LeeHaven

andsewitis Holly said...

Hi Amy, I love your "rust" TATW. It's gorgeous. They all are but the rust is my favorite.