Tuesday, September 09, 2008

September is Quilt Month

Mr. Monkeysuit is reading my mind. Today she is sharing vintage quilts. & Earlier today I thought, you could show that antique quilt for Quilt Month...
So here goes...
30's full This Drunkard's Path Quilt was hand pieced and hand quilted by my great-grand mother.
A block:
30's block
Some of the quilting:
30's border
part of the back so that you can see the interior quilting:
30's back
The label that I made for it:
30's lable
My grandparents are "downsizing" and everytime you go over to their house, she is trying to give you something... In the begining, all I would ask for is "that quilt." (She wasn't ready to part with it yet - but she never took it out of the GASP Plastic bag to even look at it.) One time, I finally got it. (I keep it in a pillow case...)


amandajean said...

that is one amazing quilt! how wonderful that you (finally) got it. what a treasure!

jacquie said...

this is beautiful! what a treasure.

Miri said...

That is a beautiful quilt and a true family heirloom. I love the label.

Sandra said...

Lovely quilt and as a quilt historian/appraiser I say thank you for the label.