Friday, September 05, 2008

September is quilt month!

To begin Marlene shared her first set of blocks. Go take a look. I love that block pattern, but I don't even want to try it today.... Too many HST's!

I am working this quilt month in somewhat of a chronological order... (Not really, but in my brain it works...) I am also recycling stories/quilt photos.

So after I learned so much on my own, a lesson that I got from somewhere was to choose a focal fabric and fabrics that compliment (go with) it as a recipe for a fool proof quilt. I was hugely inspired by Marti Michell when making this quilt. (She used a chicken print in her version) it is in two of her older books (I guess they are both out of print. I got them using one of those cards in a magazine. One was on 9-patches, the other was for people who don't have time to quilt.)

This quilt was a turning point in another way - I finally learned how to buy fabric by the time I got to this quilt. Case in point: I really liked/still like Alexander Henry's Siamese cats fabric a lot only I did not realize that that meant that I need to buy a lot of it... I have regretted that ever since - but I got lucky & was super happy when Keepsake Quilting "found" a bolt & had it on their sale page. I bought about 6 yeards - I tried to buy the "rest of the bolt" but they did not sell like that over the phone & I had no idea how much came on a bolt... or I would have gotten more.
So the "focus fabric" I found in a shop & I bought the rest of the bolt! (I have it in blue on cream & blue on white as well. I have not regretted any of those purchases even though I have only used this version minimally & have not touched the other two, yet.)

So you wanna see the quilt? Here it is:
Chag Sameach quilt I call it Chag Sameach - Happy Holidays since it represents all of the major holidays not just Hanukkah.
Here is a close-up
Chag Sameach quilt close up of Passover.
Can you see how well the green, brown, red & blue "go with" the focus fabric?

This was supposed to be a "directional" quilt, but at least one of my rows is upside down... OOPS.

The other day I looked at this & wondered how it would look with scrappy greens, browns, reds, & blues. But I am not going to replicate it. I think it is fine with a limited number of prints...

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