Monday, September 08, 2008

The quilty weekend wrap up post

I promised a cat filled quilt post so here goes.
Caveat: My weekend begins on Friday afternoon when I get off work.
After I baked Libby's Tomato pie & got the challah ready for the Sabbath, I opened the box that was left at my door. (I doubt that it happened in that order...) (Challah was purchased a the store - but I did bake the pie & the last of the zucchini bread was had for dessert.)

In the box was a gift for the Kitten from a lovely blogger who does not blog near enough, ahem. Thanks again.
And a gift for the cats:
DSC05529.JPG "I know I can fit."
DSC05532.JPG "I fit just fine."
I have not opened the present yet...

On Saturday, I stayed home while Hanna did her thing. (Not much in our area, thankfully.)
While I watched far too much cooking on TV...

RANT: I hate the way the "Big" PBS stations put on "special programming" while trying to solicit money. Therefore, I give to WHUT the university PBS Station, because they don't muddle with the programming. Seriously, I wanted to watch those cooking shows...

I occasionally get inspired - you should see my piles of recipes... But I watch them because I don't have to pay attention while quilting.

I quilted about 1/2 of the log cabin on Saturday! (I am down to most of the border & 2 blue halves.)
DSC05539.JPG Those stitches are not going to win me any awards, but the quilt is nearing completion.

I also need to work on some other quilty projects in the "now" time frame.

So on Sunday I pressed the backing for a doll quilt swap quilt. I also prepared the binding for the minky blanket. I unfortunately did not baste the small quilt, nor did I quilt on my round robin quilt... But I did pick up the log cabin again. :o)
& I had a bit of assistance:
DSC05536.JPG Aren't her cat fingers too cute for words?
Before I got this shot, RB was under the quilt - which was moved a lot... One time there was an "opening" and Rhapsody peeked in to see him - I thought that that was cute - because she usually just attacks the lump. She swatted him, that was not so cute.
DSC05533.JPG Here is my girl, quite proud of herself for running him off...

CSA - pretty much more of the same. No zucchini this week hence the spice cake. :o) I had "Birthday cake for dinner last night." When I mentioned that to the hubby, he said, "Who's birthday?" I said, "I don't know but with cake & ice cream, it is bound to be someone's birthday."

Mr. Calico Cat went to a sports bar to see "Farve & The Brett's" play football... Yes, that still is funny! They won, so it is all good. He is going to Philly for a work related meeting for a few days this week. I need to plan some good stuff to do! Maybe I can finally go see the new Indiana Jones movie, or any number of other movies that I have wanted to see... I might go out to eat Mexican/Latin American food... I would say, "I am going to quilt." But I do that already with him around.

I get to go to the Childbirth class alone. This weeks topic is labor. Might be a good one for the designated driver to be in on... Oh well, he only gets to go to this conference every other year - if he can write it up well enough to get his boss to sign off on it... Hey wait a minute using that logic - this is the first (& probably only) kitten...
My "more directly related to work" symposium is also in Pennsylvania in November. Two weeks before my due date...

That must be all that is fit to type (minus all of the political stuff running around in my brain) for now.


Libby said...

*mmmmm* We had tomato pie for dinner just last night . . . I had enough for two pies. Guess what's on the menu tonight *s* This time I made my own crust. Someone mentioned 'olive oil' pie crust and sent me on a Google-quest. It was easy and yummy, too (and falls into the 'vegan' category if you need it to.)

Catherine said...

Why is it that cats always make a beeline for a box? No matter what the size, they seem determined to make them fit!
Love the kitty paw on the binding -- so dainty! :-)