Friday, September 05, 2008

A question

If you were not participating in the "fungly challenge" and an innocent commentor asked "Is that you fungly?" Would you be offended?
(I'm not saying anything unless the post mentions: "This is my fungly.")
Oh & a fungly is not on my list of things to finish by Thanksgiving... But I really like to see those wild combinations & to see people using their less than loved fabric! As Bonnie would quip, "I paid for it."


paula, the quilter said...

Not any more. I've grown used to having people question my color/fabric choices. Case in point: Froggie Quilt. I was asked at Retreat if I was sure I wanted to use the blue. "Yes, I am sure I want to use the blue". I can't imagine the quilt with any other color.

Kay said...
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dee said...

my two quilting buddies are very traditional. I think they keep me around for laughs. I really enjoy watching their faces when they compliment my color choices. They do beautiful work but it's always so predictable. I'm sure they think I've lost my mind sometimes.
Your work is beautiful Amy. Hope your testing went smoothly and the needle was much smaller than imagined.

Ruth's Place said...

Catching up, love the blue and yellow log cabin!!

I've been doing funglies, due to the nature of the fabric donated for our quiltathon, they are lots of fun.

I would say anything unless the person mentioned funglies though. Written comments are too open to misinterpretation.

Mama Koch said...

I've been told that I see color different (the male population in my house), but I've learned NOT to say anything to other quilters because it maybe their favorite pick.
If JudyL says that LimeGreen is neutral..and can get away with it, than anything goes, right?!

I left you an award on my site...go check it out.

Carin said...

I laughed out loud at the term fungly the first time I heard it

simplicitybegins said...

Not about fungly(s) at all. I just saw your site posting with the baby-developing photos!!!! I wanted to ask when this kitten is due, and now all I have to do is watch that process. Great thing to post.

cindyquiltsOR said...

As a single, middle aged lady ... many of my single friends use the word: fugly. It is in reference to dates that are not all that physically attractive, but solid fun dates.

So ... when the term fungly came up in quilting, I just figured they might not be the prettiest blocks ... but will keep someone warm.

Would I personally ask? NOPE. Kinda like would I ask a fugly date a personal appearance question? NOPE. Besides, I might be the fugly date!