Monday, September 22, 2008

Post number 2 anyway

I forgot that I wanted to recap my list of to do's

To begin I am still having fun & I rather like having a list to keep me centered.
1. ALQS2 - no photo, so it can remain a suprise. I need to audition borders, baste, quilt, & bind it.
Now I just need to quilt & bind it.
2. RR (x 3 or 4) I am not sure how many more rounds we have, but I am doing the quilting on the current one.
I am about 90% done with the quilting.
3. RR X-ing quilt - I want to piece the top & the back & ship it off to a long armer.
I have pieced the top. (I thought I would have pieced the back this past weekend - never got close to that idea...)
4. Faux Log Cabin - this one should have a higher priority... I need to finish piecing the blocks & piece the top. (I would like to have those two steps done by Halloween.)
I have been piecing on this - something that I probably would not have done if it was not on my list. (THANKS FINN for the impetus.)
5. Hand Quilting the blue & yellow log cabin
Probably 80% done on this - since I need to mail my other quilting, I set this aside.
6. Piece the yellow bird quilt...
I am almost ready to tryout my new foot...
7. Bind the green minky
I probably should redo this, but I will probably trudge through instead...
8. Bind the baby quilt after it gets quilted by the long armer... (Instead of adding it to the pile of quilts that need the binding finished.)
At leat 75% done with this one!

All of this should be done by Thanksgiving (November 27, 2008). No stress - still fun.

Unfortunately I am at a loss for prioritizing most of the list. For example, the faux log cabin, it was supposed to be done a couple years ago... The RR-Xing I want to give to my dad as a 100% finished quilt when he comes to see the baby - so I need to get it out to the longarmer - so I need to do that back! The two doll quilts need to be mailed next month...

This is when my brain who has no concept of how long it takes to do any of those says, You can quilt the doll quilt in an evening - NOT! (But I should go back to my routine of quilting it while winding down...)

Well, now I don't have the excuse of "I want to have everything in the bag for my appointment on Friday."


Mama Koch said...

Your list makes me tired!

Tanya said...

I'm just visiting after being offline for nearly a week. Wow! Your taupe quilt turned out beautifully! That will look lovely on any wall! And you are looking VERY pregnant!