Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Finish by Secular New Years (US Thanksgiving)

Wow - what a wordy title.
Explanation 1, Rosh Hashana, Jewish New Year, is at the end of the month...
Explanation 2, Thanksgiving - I believe that it is celebrated earlier in Canada... (in October?)
Expanation 3, The baby is due in early December, so me sewing in December does not sound like something that I can "plan on."

Therefore, I would like to finish these projects by Thanksgiving - Thursday November 27, 2009.
(Please remind me if you see/hear me talking about some other project...)
1. ALQS2 - no photo, so it can remain a suprise. I need to audition borders, baste, quilt, & bind it.
2. RR (x 3 or 4) I am not sure how many more rounds we have, but I am doing the quilting on the current one.
3. RR X-ing quilt - I want to piece the top & the back & ship it off to a long armer.
4. Faux Log Cabin - this one should have a higher priority... I need to finish piecing the blocks & piece the top. (I would like to have those two steps done by Halloween.)
5. Hand Quilting the blue & yellow log cabin
6. Piece the yellow bird quilt...
7. Bind the green minky
8. Bind the baby quilt after it gets quilted by the long armer... (Instead of adding it to the pile of quilts that need the binding finished.)

Ack that is ENOUGH!

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Catherine said...

You're right about Thanksgiving here -- it is celebrated in October. This year it falls on October 13. You have a lot on that list to accomplish by then!! Yikes!