Monday, September 29, 2008


I forgot to upload my helper kitty photos...

Weekend Recap...

I hibernated a lot, but I got a good amount of stuff done too.

On Friday, I got a piece of cat fur up my bum (same as a wild hair) & so I sat down to sew. YES I did! I was going to try out my new foot - the one that has been in the package for EVER! I think the quilt shop sold me a foot for a serger... GRUMBLE. I moved onto plan two & just added borders instead of gathering them first - for "fluffy" borders. (Yellow quilt on my list!)

I then sewed down the binding on the minky blanket. Check that off of the list!

Still in the mood, I pulled all of my train novelties & some other stuff to make it big enough & made the backing for the RR X-ing quilt - I can check that off of my list of things to do before Thanksgiving!

Saturday we trekked down to Virginia (If you live in this area you are aware that you need you passport to cross the American Legion Bridge...) to get some Rx from the vet & to do some grocery shopping.

The vet gave us a free sample of kitty candy that is o.k. with my little man's Rx diet. (If he was strict about that diet, this would be more of a big deal... he is not, he will clean Rhapsody's bowl in a heart beat & then come sauntering around washing his face - so that we know that he ate the wet cat food leftovers... & if we walk by the cat room while he is sneaking her food - he will run away - he knows that he is being bad!)

We really like the grocery store in Virginia that is near the vet's office... That may be weird, but there you have it. 4 hours later we went home.

Nothing crafty went on, I cooked the fish - so that we could have Nicoise salad for dinner & easily portioned pieces of protein for the diet. (Those fish mongers were not happy to hear, "I want 3 oz. pieces.") I also boiled a heck of a lot of eggs.

On Sunday, I hibernated some more after running a few errands & picking up my husband at the metro. After dinner, I brought some hand work to bed. :o) There I finished quilting on the RR quilt & on the doll quilt swap quilt (Both of which are on my list!)

Not too bad overall.

Another look at my list - for me to help keeop me on track & to remind me what I still need ot work on - as if those Faux log cabin pieces weren't quite obvious on my chair...

Tiny type mean that I am 100% done - & that I do not know how to strike through the text.

1. ALQS2 - no photo, so it can remain a suprise. I need to audition borders, baste, quilt, & bind it. Now I just need bind it.
2. RR (x 3 or 4) I am not sure how many more rounds we have, but I am doing the quilting on the current one.I am about 90% done with the quilting. Done with the quilting round.
3. RR X-ing quilt - I want to piece the top & the back & ship it off to a long armer.I have pieced the top. (I thought I would have pieced the back this past weekend - never got close to that idea...)
4. Faux Log Cabin - this one should have a higher priority... I need to finish piecing the blocks & piece the top. (I would like to have those two steps done by Halloween.)I have been piecing on this - something that I probably would not have done if it was not on my list. (THANKS FINN for the impetus.) I still need to finish piecing the blocks...
5. Hand Quilting the blue & yellow log cabinProbably 80% done on this - since I need to mail my other quilting, I set this aside.
6. Piece the yellow bird quilt...I am almost ready to tryout my new foot... (new plan - top done, needs to be pressed, sandwiched, & quilted...)
7. Bind the green minkyI probably should redo this, but I will probably trudge through instead...
8. Bind the baby quilt after it gets quilted by the long armer... (Instead of adding it to the pile of quilts that need the binding finished.)At leat 75% done with this one!


Vicki W said...

You had a very productive weekend!

andsewitis Holly said...

Why do you need a passport to cross the American Legion Bridge, Amy? Sounds odd.

Rose Marie said...

OK .... where are you getting all the energy from? Can you pass some of it this way? Good for you for getting so much done and will be looking forward to seeing some eye candy.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

You have been so productive. You don't have long to go now... so wonderful...time is moving along.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Right on! You amaze me.

Wild Hair of Love, *karendianne.

Tanya said...

Wow, you've got a lot on your plate! I think you deserve to hibernate all you want!

Bizarre Quilter said...

You've got your Quilt-jo back! (Is that quilting mojo??).

Can't wait to see the quilt with the binding on.... (that's finished right??)